Permission to run (day 1)

Posted: January 1, 2011 in running


Ok… So you’re thinking, “you don’t need permission, just do it”. Well, that’s sort of true but I have a 3 month old daughter, a lively 4 year old boy and a wife with the flu. So I seized my opportunity of baby snoozing, boy watching ‘Mr Bean’ on the telly and wife collapsed on sofa but still breathing and approximately in the recovery position anyway to request my exit. I promised my good lady I’d be back without the hour and I’m a one-pace pony so that’s a 10k run for me. Enjoyed it of course, and to be honest, I don’t feel I could have done a whole lot more. I anticipate most of them being 30 min runs but even if that’s the case from now then that’s a good 15 hours before the month is out… and I wonder how many of those will have to be a crafty pre-children-waking-up run… or worse – the late night, already tired, ‘just want to sleep’ run.

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, I was indeed back in time to resume my childcare and nursing duties. And I had hoped the scales would have appreciated my efforts more.

Run 1     =     9.82km 

Chocolates = 5
Press ups = 45
Weight = well… You can see.image

  1. Vicky says:

    Hope you get permissions for rest of January!
    Nice run, well done

  2. Athena says:

    I find the first 20 minutes never get easier. I have to talk myself into pushing through them every time.

    And it’s not possible you weigh 977 lbs. Get a new scale. or new batteries. Or both.

    Happy New Year.

    • Ah… Yes, I see what you mean… but it’s actually 97.7 kg which is still quite a lot and needs to be reduced, but perhaps not as bad as you thought. And you’re definately right about the first 20 mins by the way.

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