Pushchairs, parks and something else beginning with ‘P’ because things sound better in threes (day 2)

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Janathon, running


Permissions! I should have used ‘permissions’ again. That’s should have been the third ‘p’. The point is, I’ve done day two with the added bonus that I did it whilst gaining brownie points at home (POINTS – could have used that). More by luck than judgement, my little girl had just finished feeding from mummy’s milk bar (she unfortunately never took to the bottle so I can’t feed her myself :-() – Mmm… two parentheses (Ooo another ‘P’) next to each other just make me look like I have a really big gob! Ah, except it won’t appear like that on the published (P!) article will it? No…. Anyway… I digress… to cut a not particularly long  but uninteresting story, slightly shorter, both children were happy and calm and so I made the most of happy vibes and volunteered to remove the smaller one of them from the family home for purposes of fresh air and fitness. Day two sorted, 29 to go.

Legs were still aching from yesterday’s run but I still managed a reasonable  4 miles in 42 minutes.

Chocolates = 5 (marshmallows – 8, jelly sweets – 10, biscuits – 5 but we don’t count them)

Press ups = 0 (not done them yet but going for 50 today… will update in comments section once done)

Weight = 97.6kg (minutely better than yesterday)

  1. Athena says:

    never count the biscuits. my weight is up though my food is down. what’s that about?

  2. Bit of a delayed reply to my own post but thought I’d just update to add that 50 press ups were indeed completed, but I wouldn’t put money on this number increasing dramatically over the next few days.

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