School Run

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Janathon, running

Here is my boy, Ben, before his first day at school. Doesn’t he look ever so concerned about the transition?

Cue my first bit of exercise of the day. Despite military precision preparation of packed lunch, clothing and school related paraphan stuff the night before, our 3 month old daughter decided that 1 minute before leaving the house would be a good time for a bottom explosion of immense proportions – we’re talking new clothes at minimum and possibly needing to redecorate here. You get the picture. Good. I’m not uploading it. Not that I took one.  I’m not weird! Well.. not that weird anyway…. I digress…. well there was no way my wife was going to miss Ben’s first day at school so we got the little one sorted and we headed out the house together. It’s about a half-mile to his new school and we were running late, and someone starts complaining that their new school shoes are hurting, that they’ve broken their knee and there are aliens in his underpants (anyone else read that book?) so though normally I wouldn’t stand for such nonsense, despite an aching everything from yesterday, I not only stood for this nonsense but carried this nonsense on my shoulders and moved at pace until I was sure we would make the school gates before official opening time… which was then of course not for another 5 minutes, but hey ho, we were at least there now and my boy was happy and calm. Christine, my wife, was pushing our daughter in the pushchair however and did not look so calm but at least she was happy that he was happy.

Upon a more leisurely return home and a cup of coffee I was hit with a headache and nausea which wiped out the morning for me but it went eventually, as quick as it had come on, following a lie down. I probably didn’t drink enough following yesterday’s exertions I think.

Not fancying a long run, I decided to do what will become the first of what will become at least a weekly time trial. A 2 mile route around the house… err… our house isn’t actually that big I hasten to add, but if I say that I ran around our estate then you can picture what you like and the picture you have in your head will tell you something about your own upbringing and may not reflect the reality.

First mile = 7 min 57 secs.    Total for 2 miles = 17 min 2 sec… Quite happy with that. But hope it will improve over the next four weeks at least.

Ben had a great day at school, by the way and thankfully is looking forward to tomorrow  🙂

Chocolates = 5

Press ups = … hang on.. I’ll do them now… 50! Then fell on my face.

Weight = 97.5  Pfft!

  1. Athena says:

    no i have not read that book. and i have two sons. don’t know how I missed it. trade you for capt underpants.

    • It’s actually “aliens love underpants” just to clarify. Nice rhyming book. Though I can’t remember the author… Illustrated by Ben Cort – remember that as my Ben spotted the same name as his.

  2. jensruns2011 says:

    Hee hee 🙂
    50 press-ups – impressive stuff!

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