Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute making a meal of it (day 5)

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Mmmm… ok. So two things today were supposed to take 30 minutes and ended up closer to an hour. The first was my run… 5.4 miles in 55 min 25 seconds (actually a bit faster as I forgot to turn the ipod off for a couple of minutes but didn’t want to guess)

I really didn’t want to head out today. It was raining. It was cold. I was aching. To be honest, I just really didn’t fancy running. But I have promised myself and as I commented on facebook earlier today, this is when Janathon comes into its own and there is no way I’d have gone out today if it were not for this challenge. I once again took to the muddy track sof my local country park, pushing my young, sleeping daughter in the all terrain pushchair. I’m actually considering a complaint under trade descriptions however, as I doubt it’s viability on hot coals, for example.  No hot coals today though, just lots of rain and big muddy puddles. I avoided them at first but then figured if I’m going out for a run in the mud and rain I might as well look like I have done just that! I should have taken a photo. Dang it!

The second thing, as you might have guessed from the blog title, was a Jamie Oliver ’30 minute’ (yeah right!) meal, which also took  closer to an hour. But was well worth the wait and did, afterall include a pudding. I won’t give a blow by blow account of recipe and ingredients here but suffice to say it involved a fair amount of cream in the main course and a fair amount of chocolate and biscuit in the dessert. Most delicious, and certainly made me glad I’d run for nearly an hour earlier on.  Added bonus – badminton for two hours this evening to help burn it off.  Still a few of those ‘dolphin noise’ potatoes lurking in the fridge for tomorrow mind you… Best go for another run then eh?

Chocolates = 2

Press ups = 45

Weight = 97.4 (nothing being slow and steady eh? Hope I’m just building momentum)

P.S Must remember to take some photos tomorrow to liven up my blogs a bit.

  1. Jogalog says:

    I have Jamie’s 30 minute book too. Haven’t tried it yet but have picked out one of the menus to try soon. Well done for dong that, running and badminton!

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