…eat more, weigh less… (Day 8 – part 2)

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Janathon, running

Saruday 8th January and I was up at:image

Which is really a bit earlier than I was hoping but after a quick: image

…. I felt much better and had time for a good long burn around the track with my 4 year old and his various hot-rods… image

…before heading off for his ‘first completed week at school’ treat: image

The rest of the day just whizzed by with shopping and feeding and visiting ill grandparents and watching  ‘total wipeout’ on the TV and trying not to give in to my little boy’s pleas to stay up and watch ‘CARS’ on BBC Three (which was on far to late). I was strong(ish) He only watched 30mins of it over and above his normal bedtime.  I had eaten far too much at dinner time (though this did make me keen to do a longer run) so I didn’t want to go straight out for a run and I didn’t even get ready to head out until after ‘Casualty’… and then some. About 10:30pm I think it was in the end so I was…image

…. at the beginning but gradually picked up speed with the help of some audiofuel. I didn’t go quite fast enough for a free photo: image

although I did pass one of those ones later on that tracks your speed (It must have picked up my headtorch – it’s never happened in the daylight) and was flicking between 6 and 7 m.p.h so that was ok.  Despite this, I think I had misjudged my route however, because this whole thing was taking me longet than I had planned for.  My legs wanted to…image

…but I told then in no uncertain terms that there was absolutely…


(which, for any non-drivers or overseas readers, means ‘no stopping for 2 miles’) and as I wasn’t sure what the rules were regarding timely logging and blogging of runs I was not going to…


Oh… and it was really pretty cold outside :-S


Ok… so that was Saturday’s run in a bit more detail than I posted just before midnight. And here are my mini-stats:

Chocolates = 5 (I think this might stop now – it’s becoming too obvious that I’m pinching them)
Press ups = 42 ( I was really tired)
Weight = 96.5kg (And I ate loads today! Obviously that’s the way forward. 2 takeaways for me today then!)

P.S feeling LOADS better today, by the way. I actually really enjoy night running, and I’m so glad I headed out 🙂

  1. Jogalog says:

    Great Post. Hope my eating more will lead to weighing less too!

  2. Good going buddy, keep it up!

  3. We love ‘Total Wipeout’ (or ‘Turtle Wipeout’ as my daughter calls it … We really must work on her listening skills!)! Fab post. Love the pics, and well done on your run! 🙂

  4. Athena says:

    as mother of sons, I watch a lot of car shows. give up now. all hope is lost. love the illustrations for your day.

  5. fortnightflo says:

    Hahahahahahahahah!!! LOVE the picture blog!!

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