Hamlet won’t join a run! (day 13)

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Janathon, running

I’ve run a few things today… I’ve run out of the house, I’ve run a toddler group, I’ve felt run down, I’ve a runny nose, and I’ve run out of interesting things to write in my blog.  “That’s not true” I hear you cry, [thanks :-)] “you haven’t said anything interesting previously” [Grrrr :-(].

Well… how’s this for random train of thought…

… no, not that particularly… I mean the following…

When I have little inspiration but still feel the need to get out and blow the cobwebs away, I have a steady 2-mile run that I do… you know… not so much that it scares me to leave the warmth of my home but enough to feel like I’ve done something afterwards.  Well I want to make it a bit more interesting for Janathon purposes… so… taking the letters from ‘JANATHON TWO-MILE RUN’ you get my post title for today – i.e. HAMLET WON’T JOIN A RUN. Well, there’s a challenge if I ever heard one. Hamlet will join me on a run and I shall attempt to read as much of it as I can without running into oncoming traffic or hedges.


I’ve not left yet but I will, and by the time you read this post, I will have completed it – not because I am super fast but because I won’t publish this until I’ve actually done it an’ all that, innit, ya get me tho’, wicked… errr….sorry about that :-S. There was a sudden gust of ridiculousness just then. Ok. the time is 9:11pm and it will take me at least 20 min to get ready, so… why am I typing my thoughts? Muppet! Just think them, that’s why they are called thoughts…. sigh…is that how you spell ‘sigh’? Well it’s how I’ve spelt it.

Ok… I’m back now and I’m happy to say I found a less comical but more practical version to take on the run… considerably smaller (ipod included for scale purposes)


But I have to say, it’s not easy reading and running. I managed only 1 page a mile so it’s still just these guard type folk talking in ‘ye olde English’ an’ all that tho innit. Oh and here’s proof I took it with me…


If you don’t believe the picture perhaps the dog walker who saw me taking a photo of myself whilst running in the rain reading Shakespeare, will confirm it for you. I don’t think he’ll forget it!

So.. to finish:

Chocolates = 50 approx. (it was one of those small boxes of mini-Smarties but I’m going to stop now – really!)
Press ups = 45
Weight = 96.5kg

  1. Grrr… gutted… it seemed to take forever to upload and the clock must just have ticked past midnight so my own self-imposed rule of posting before midnight each day has fallen by the wayside. Well.. I know I did it and it still feels like thursday night, even if officially we have now ticked over into friday. Night, night.

  2. Cantrunwontrun says:

    Brillaint, very funny!

  3. shazruns says:

    I see people walking and reading on their way to work, but running reading and in the dark pure madness well done!

  4. fortnightflo says:

    hahahahahahahaha!! I wish I could’ve seen that – very funny!

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