NotMuchOfASleeper’s Tiny Treadmill Takeover (day 19)

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Janathon, running

Hello! We’ve not me before. I’m Notmuchofasleeper, I’m Notmuchofarunner’s four month-old daughter,
…well close enough to four months, one stops counting in weeks once one reaches a certain age doesn’t one? Even though I’m actually sort of not even one yet, haha, please excuse me, my sense of humour is still a little immature.
Anyway… I have managed to completely wear-out my wimp of a father, so while he’s having a little nap I thought I’d come and say hello to you lot and tell you about my day.

It’s been a busy one. Lots of sleeping sucking and smiling took it out of me this morning… and I’ve not been sleeping well… I’ve been a bit worried about Daddy recently see (he has seemed quite stressed) so I thought it best to call him into my room a few times in the early hours of the morning, just to make sure he was ok. I don’t know what the precise times were (I obviosly can’t tell the time yet) but on the whole I was happy to see that he was ok, if looking a little tired, so I gave him a smile and told him to get some rest. He was quite good and went back to sleep quickly.

I’ve been a bit fed-up of the same old routine recently. you know – wake-up…eat…sleep…poo…eat…wake-up… eat…sleep… poo… wake-up… eat… blow bubbles… eat… eat… eat… pooooooo, etc. So I have set myself a triathlon challenge today – though not in the traditional order…

I started by taking the new wheels out through the park and beyond, taking me a little beyond my usual comfort zone. It’s an off-roader and so much more suitable than the previous road buggy for this kind of thing. I found it best to just zone-out, and it felt so comfotable. It was though I was sleeping, and I can remember very little of the route. My support crew of Mummy and Daddy did most of the navigating and I’d trust them with my life so all was good there and we made it to transition before I knew it really.

I forewent the carbohydrate gels in favour of Mummy’s secret recipe hydration fluid and then moved swiftly onto the treadmill…

Then I returned to some interval training… i.e …poo…eat…smile…blow bubbles… poo… eat… smile… a little bit of fartlek… eat… poo… eat…

and then it was on to the swim… though to be fair… i didn’t quite manage a whole width of the bath on my own… but I had a good try.

Then all that is left is a quick recovery drink of some more of Mummy’s secret recipe and it’s off to bed for me. Busy, busy, busy… more of the same tomorrow. Routine isn’t all bad. As long as it’s a good one.

Love, NotMuchOfASleeper xxx

By the way:

Daddy ate no chocolates
He did no press ups ‘cos he’s done something to his shoulder playing tennis
He weighs a lot

  1. Lovely blog, hope you have a better night tonight

  2. shazruns says:

    She is so cute no wonder you insist on getting up many times at night just to see her I would too. Before you know it she will be 19 then you will not get much sleep as you will be waiting for her to get home! Enjoy

  3. Hello, NotMuchOfASleeper! What a clever girl you are to be typing so well at such a young age, and how thoughtful of you to look after your daddy in the night like that. I’m sure he appreciated it! Your new wheels sound fab! I remember when my little girl used to zone-out in her off-roader. We used to say she was wearing her ‘buggy face’. Even though she doesn’t have a buggy any more, she sometimes wears it now, mostly on long car journeys. And she’s nearly six years old! One day, you’ll be that age, and I’m sure you’ll still be very clever and thoughtfully checking on your daddy in the night like my daughter still does! Hope you have a super day tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Cantrunwontrun says:

    Nice to meet you NotMuchOfASleeper, lovely story.Love your treadmill workout! LOL

  5. Athena says:

    you’ve got really strong legs there and an inside-advantage on re-hydration! Excellent!

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