Where’s my wallet? (day 23)

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Janathon, running

‘Where’s my wallet – day 23’ gives the impression that I’m keeping a diary about the loss of my cash recepticle… I’m not, clearly, but it might become that way… if it doesn’t turn up.
I used it to order the pizza, the box of which made its appearence in yesterday’s photo-blog and I’d not been out after that, until this morning but I’d already been looking for it for an hour or so then and there is no sign of the wallet.

I’ve now just sat staring into space for 2 minutes thinking where it might have gone in that space of time and now must go and check inside the pizza boxes… hang on…

… if this was real-time then 30 minutes have now passed… I have found my wallet in no more an interesting place than down the back of the sofa and have nothing to base this blog on now. It’s getting late, and it’s work tomorrow so I’ll just bow out gracefully.

Slightly depressing that my work days and evening committments on mondays and tuesdays mean little time for le jogging or le blogging so it’s late-night runs and rushed blogs over the next few days for me. Blogs will continue, but if you’re in the habit of checking in here, but are limitted for time, I wouldn’t bother for a few days… go visit Cake of Good Hope instead, if you haven’t already, for some good laughs and imaginative diagrams.

Chocolates = Sweet brown things with a lot of calories that make you fat
Weight = I couldn’t see the numbers ‘cos my belly was in the way
Press ups = fess ups – not done any today.

P.S Just a 2 miler today, in the dark, but not with Shakespeare to keep me company this time


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