NotMuchOfaSleeper’s Baby Bottle Boxing Battles (Day 26)

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Janathon, running

I, NotMuchOfaSleeper, daughter to the currently useless ‘Notmuchofarunner’ (see the tiny treadmill takeover), have had to once again takeover the blog-writing duties of the my good-for-nothing, lazy, whingebucket of a father… ‘ooooo I feel tired’… he says…’my legs hurt’… he says..

Well… I’ve had to take him to one side today and give him a good talking to! (I love him really but he does need a good kick once in a while, which I do actually give him).
I told him in no uncertain terms, though to be honest he still didn’t seem to understand me,
Look… you can’t complain about your legs hurting! You haven’t just had some nurse stick not one, not two, not four, but three needles in your legs before looking at you square in the eye and having the cheek to refer to said legs as ‘beautifully chubby’ !!
I gave the aforementioned nurse a scream for the injectioins and then with that comment a couple of minutes later, I went for the sarcastic smile, but I’m afraid the sarcasm was lost on her…. but I digress. I was giving daddy a telling off wasn’t I…

You can’t complain about your legs hurting,”
I continued…
I can’t even stand up on mine yet they are so week but I don’t go posting photos of me on websites angling for sympathy do I? So put me in the buggy, get your lardy bottom out of that door and go for a long muddy run while I work on some relaxation techniques

He thinks I’m a bit hard on him sometimes, but it’s for his own good. He’s had things pretty easy in his life so far and needs some toughening-up to be more like me.

I’ve had battles for most of my 4 months on this earth. One such battle was the battle of the bottle… I like mummy and did not want some cheap plastic immitation trying to take her place. This is my photo story:

Have you got the bottle to take NotMuchOfaSleeper on? My prediction is down in one (round one!)

Day and night they would try to force it on me but I knew I was strong. I knew I would be victorious!

You aint all that!

It was all a question of confidence. Letting your opponent know who’s boss.

You want some of me?... Well actually, no, not really.

Then after sussing out their weaknesses…

... a swift left hook...

Striking to their core.

....Down in one! ... Told you.

Right! Who’s next? Eh?

So… I’m glad to say, he did listen to me in the end and I had a lovely trip out in the buggy. I led the way of course and he was there puffing and panting behind for 8 miles, but he seemed happier today and told me that he only has 8 more miles to make the magic 100 for Janathon. I tried to tell him that ‘Janathon’ wasn’t actually a word and that he shouldn’t make up words because people would think he was silly… but he just ignored me… how rude! I got him to take a photo of us at Smalley Dam (You can’t quite see me, I’m in the offroader):

He always wears that silly hat!

I was actually so pleased with his effort and improved attictude today that I decided to take some milk (a good 4 fluid oz.) from a bottle for the first time too. Let him have a little victory, you know. It can’t be all hard grind. You have to keep them happy too:

Yeah, baby. Yeah!

Finally, here are some of his stats for the day:

Chocolates = zero
Press ups = 55
Weight = 97.1kg (even after a big dinner!)

  1. jensruns2011 says:

    Absolutely loved your post! Your daughter is soooo cute, bless! Great effort today and well done for avoiding the chocolates. Nearly there…looking forward to hearing you’ve hit the 100 mile mark, won’t be long now! 🙂

  2. shazruns says:

    Zero choc that is impressive. Glad little one persuaded you to go out and that you managed to get a bottle feed in to her, a win all round

  3. Athena says:

    dear Non-Sleepy-Baby, I totally understand why you don’t like that plastic imitation. My boys didn’t like that nipple. They didn’t read the advertisement that it’s “just like mummy” and so they couldn’t be convinced. I changed brands, and they were much happier. They liked Nuk, which had a shorter shape. They tried to explain the long shape made them gag.

    I wish you much success in keeping your dad out on the road. You are looking wonderful! Don’t worry about the wobbly legs. It will definitely get easier.

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