Camera Challenge – Take two! (day 29)

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Janathon, running

So today, I decided to repeat the camera challenge that I so miserably failed at on day 24 .

A quick summary:

1) Set camera on a tripod

2) Select timer function

3) Push button

4) Run away

This was today’s result…



a bit more? yeah.. there I am with the white colouring on my shorts framing my gorgeous buttocks! Let’s just focus in on them a bit more…

Well... focus is a very loose term

Ok… so focus is perhaps not the best word.   But then, there not really the best buttocks.

I reckon I managed about 100 metres (15 seconds before shutter goes off and that is roughly how long it took me back in my school days!) and that included checking for cars at the junction (today… not at school… our 100m track did not cross a busy road at school), before a leisurely jog back to the camera and a few sideways glances to see if the neighbours noticed me put an electronic device on the floor, push a button and then instantly run away as fast as I could.  I think I got away with it.

Finally, before today’s stats. I’m trying a little bit of animation for the last day but I can’t add video to my blog without paying for the honour so the following is just to check to see that I can stick in a link to YouTube at least. Then to see if I can upload my own video there. Never done that before.

  Anyway… here is someone else’s video for now:

—————-> The Day After the Marathon <——————-

I wonder if you identify?

Chocolates = zero

Press ups = 50 (bleugh!)

Weight = 98.1kg (bleugh!)


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