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mmmm… No I don’t think I will…

… I was playing aroung on to do the above, which I saved as a draft the other day but actually… Sod that nonsense, I thought I’d go for a run instead. Really needed some headspace time today…
there are bigger and more important things than going for a run, but it does help to get some air and remind myself that I’m a very blessed man… and indeed that there are more important things than going for a run, as I say… and not to take my blessings for granted…

…which is actually a lot harder to do than I used to think.

So, unimportantly, to my day’s run:
I thought I would attack an old favourite, a ‘trim-track’ that I used to push my boy around (in a non-needing to contact social services- kind of way) at my local country park though this time, it’s with a better pushchair and a baby girl. A sleeping baby girl at that.


The signs which tell you what to do at each station are long gone but I basically jump over the ‘hurdles’ pictured above in an eccentric way. In the past I had to do 3 sets quite quickly in a row otherwise I realise just how tiring this is. I realised after just one set today.


I used to do three lengths of these monkey bars too but my slightly heavier frame was pulling my arms off after just one so that would have to do today.


The station above didn’t exist when I used to do it with my boy in tow. Then, it was a couple of logs for sit-ups and a higher, raised log for repeated jumps. Now, it involves sit-ups, random shoulder circle twizzliing and ?air-walking? – For some reason I remember something similar being touted by some bloke called Tony advertising on a naffy shopping channel. I think it was called a gazelle. Why do I remember stupid things like that and not that I was supposed to buy some milk?!


Chin-ups… previously 3 sets of 10… this time… one set…

…. of 6.


Finally, this one (also new) involved some fairly easy pull-downs and rowing.

Have all the problems in the world dissappeared? No.
Did the run make me feel any better about them? Not really.

But I’m still a very blessed man. And I’m a little more aware of that. Which is always a good thing.

  1. abradypus says:

    lol – the buggy looks so incongruous amongst all the exercise equipment. Excellent!

  2. fortnightflo says:

    Ooh that looks like a lot of fun…A free gym! You sound like you have alot on your mind – maybe a case of winter blues? I would strongly suggest getting your hands on a sunlamp or failing that nip down to your local tanning shop and have 4 minutes on a stand up sun bed thingy sheers you up AND you get a tan!

    • Nipping down to any shop will seem like a luxury soon… Another shop closing each month it seems in my town. Friends who owned a great little cafe there went out of business recently. Now just heard the local co-op is also to close. I can’t imagine anything will get so bad that I seriously consider myself as needing a tan though! 😉

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