What do points mean..?

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

…absolutely nothing! …Say it again… huh!

Errr… ignore me… just off on one for a minute there.

This morning, ‘NotMuchOfaGetter-Upper’  (or if I’m to use her pet name, ‘NotAtAllaRunner’ ) was very tired.  That is well accepted knowledge.  She is not a morning person until at least mid-afternoon.  She works s very hard, so it is also permitted (not that it would be any different if it wasn’t permitted) and once I’m awake, then I’m awake – that’s it.  So it made sense this morning for me to look after NotMuchOfaSleeper and NotMuchOf a(I’ll fill this in later as I can’t think of anything to sum my boy up right now) for the morning, and let  NotAtAllaRunner have a bit of a lie-in.

This had nothing to do with the fact that I noticed the 6-Nations rugby was on this afternoon and brownie points may come in handy!!

Breakfasted (with required ‘photo diet’ photos of course – update on this will be coming soon), dressed, children happy and energetic, but no tired little NotMuchOfaSleeper of course (it is after all now only 8 o’clock), we head off to my tennis club in the next town and play for an hour.

Everyone was brilliant and calm and happy and I’m feeling very proud of my little family when I manage to put my back out bending down to pick a ball up… well.. it was just a twinge… and a played a few more points but I could barely get out of the car once we got home.  Ibuprofen and lunch done, still no relief though.

I have been using one of those litter-picker things to get anything up from the floor in my (hopefully temporary) incapacitated state.  Baby now asleep, my good lady wife takes our son to the shops to leave me to mope about the house on my own (watch the rugby) only for me to realise that England aren’t playing til tomorrow! It’s just the Italy/France game. What a waste of a peaceful house.

I’ve cashed my Brownie Points in too soon and I’ve been unable to redeem them against the products I required…

…I wonder if I can get an exchange or refund?

Oh, and to finish – a question from my wife…

“Why don’t your fingers go numb when you rub Ibuleve onto your skin?”

  1. abradypus says:

    But the Italy France game had its good bits, you must admit!

  2. shazruns says:

    Hope you get to watch the England game, maybe you can earn more brownie points by serving breakfast in bed today(about 11 am of course)

    • Brownie point grabbing this instant as I type this … Not only am I preparing chocolate spread on toast, I am also refering to it as ‘hazelnut’ spread. Oh yes, I’m one switched on little cookie 🙂

  3. oldbagrunning says:

    love the names! my hubby did not move from the telly yesterday, it was SA v India in the cricket, followed by the rugby 🙂
    hope your back is better soon!

  4. Hazelnut spread. Mmm. You are cunning fellow indeed. Did it work?

  5. Sharon Guy says:

    My husband patiently sat through the rugby a few years ago putting up with all my questions such as ‘why is he doing that?’ ‘why are they all piling in on top of each other?’ How come he’s running with the ball?’ etc etc.

    Now while he was out doing jobs and playing with the kids I sat and watched all three games of the six nations this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Now I know what its all about its good – maybe you need to share the expereince with notatallarunner!

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