Back down.

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ow . . .

Ow . . .

Ow . . .

Ok… so the back still hurts. It’s ‘betterrrrrrrr’ but not ‘better’…. I won’t mention it again, but running is out of the question for the time being.

I just knew you were all itching to know what I’ve had for dinner over he past few days so here’s a quick collage:

So that was Sunday to Tuesday and completes the first week of the ‘photo diet’. I think I shall try to continue and keep it to one, weekly post here – so using you guys as my accountability and if you see something dodgy you can highlight it and interrogate me. I have already been called “weird” for having beans AND peas with a jacket potato (thanks Sharon), though she said nothing of baby milk on cereal!

I went round a few shops in my town that I had previously not frequented, which included one that had pick ‘n’ mix for 30p per 100g !! Is that particularly brilliant oe what?… maybe not if trying limit sugar intake but i think I did well to restrict it to two Jelly Babies, one ‘jazzie’, a wine gum and a Jelly Worm.

Can I just add, if anyone else is considering doing this method of weight loss, then go for it. I have lost nearly 2kg in a week. I’m now 95.1kg which is fractionally under 15 stone(and that’s with bad back-dictated reduced exercise… yes I knew I said it wouldn’t mention it again) though I admit I have some of those scales that also tell me my fat percentage and I choose whichever figure is most favourable. Currently NOT the fat % (ahem…27…ahem).

One final thing… I have two alter egos: notmuchofaswimmer and notmuchofacyclist but for some reason I have crazy idea to do a triathlon. Am I completely…?

  1. runtezza says:

    Great selection of mugs on display there — love the Smarties one!

  2. oldbagrunning says:

    mmm hersheys!
    hope the back is better soon, from a fellow crock with a very painful achilles
    triathlon? why not? go for it ;D

  3. abradypus says:

    triathlon is fun – go for it!

  4. Triathlon – go for it!
    p.s there’s a great book for beginner triathletes (might be a bit girly orientated) but worth a look – ‘Tirathlon made easy’

    • Is ‘Tirathlon’ a deliberate misspelling? (and have I spelt misselling correctly??) If not, I think it should be.
      General concens… consensus.. consencu… con… oh knickers… opinion is to tri. So that is what I shall do.
      Now just to find one to do – I’ve just missed a novice one that they do at a nearby pool…and with tricycles or something.

  5. gmomj says:

    I love pics of food. What a novel idea for a diet.
    BTW your personal trainer is awesome!

    • He is indeed 🙂 thanks. I am trying to discover the secret to his never ending energy resource prior to my next run (which, if my back has anything to do with it, will be next month sometime)

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