Snack snaps Saturday and TRIbulations

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Diet, Janathon, running, Triathlon
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First of all perhaps we’ll deal with this week’s snack snaps… I think I must have missed a few photos off this time around. There’s not many photos compared with other weeks. Maybe I’m not eating as much, or phone not charged or forgetfulness or laziness may play some part. As you can see there are still a few pics of beer, fish & chips, TWO maple pecan Danish pastries (that was actually my dinner on one very late trip back from work) so I’ve not been hiding things from you. I think will be super strict with making sure I take pics of all I consume this next week but then that’ll be it. I think 4 weeks is plenty.

Week 3

And so onto the running: Had a great week this week despite NotMuchOfaSleeper being a bit poorly and waking lots during the night and taking ages to settle and being sick and then pretending she’s ok and waiting til she’s all changed before being sick again and then weeing on me and then going to sleep five minutes before NotMuchOfaSitStiller (I have eventually come up with this name for my boy) then wakes up…. anyway… where was I?… running… yes… despite all this I had a really good run on Wednesday. I normally play badminton on Wednesdays but having got all ready to go, I remembered that there was blood doning in the sports hall so no sports clubs were meeting this week. I therefore decided a short run was in order and headed out of the door eventually at 9:30pm.

An hour and a half later I returned, having run about 10 miles (I don’t know precisely, as my ipod and consequently my Nike+ had been out of action since Janathon). I also was pleased that scales revealed a 2011 record (albeit artificial due to inadequate hydration) low of 94.7kg. Even after Janathon it wasn’t that low as my grumpy scales were quick to remind me. I’d love it to be in the 80’s really (though maybe perhaps without the dodgy haircut and bad dancing).

My colleague at work scared me the other day… she apparently did just the swim element of an Ironman triathlon last year. It’s 2.4 miles! AND there’s a cut off of 2 hours 20 mins! She did it really well – in just over an hour apparently – but I did a session at the pool last week and just about managed a 1km in 45 minutes. That’s er… er…. … 3.9 km.. is …err…45 times 3.9… err.. 175 minutes which is… err…nearly 3 hours… which is…
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And that’s even if I can continue at that pace! Apparently, they fish you out of the water and your whole race is over if you’re too slow on the swim. And this is before the stupid bike ride and marathon run. Some serious thinking to do… or some serious pool work… or both.

Some serious respect at this point going out to Sister Madonna Buder a nun, who at the 2006 Hawaii Ironman, at age 76, became the oldest woman ever to complete the race, finishing with a time of 16:59:03 (57 seconds before the 17 hour cut off!)

  1. oldbagrunning says:

    your account of NotMuchofaSleepers antics brings back fond memories of my double trouble when the twins were that age lol! Especially the one had an amazing capacity for projectile vomiting onto curtains, walls – all great fun at 4am in the morning!! Do you find the Nike+ measures a bit on the lenient side? I have found that with mine and today when I was marshalling at the Croydon half, a very irate runner told me that her Nike+ was on 13 miles yet ‘we’ are saying she has only done 11! What an amazing story about the nun, talk about making it with seconds to spare, but what an amazing achievement!

  2. I loved my nike , when my ipod was working, but yes, even when i’d calibrated it on the longest distance it was about 0.1 miles out per mile I found.

  3. Sharon Guy says:

    I am now 91.5 whoopee – over half a stone down since January. – Slow but sure progress! and my trousers are too big now!

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