Late night shopping

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Juneathon, running

Long day at work. Evening meeting straight after dinner. No milk (again). So supermarket stop on way home… But what about Juneathon?! I hear you cry…

(At this point, you cry, “what about Juneathon?!”)

Well, there’s nothing for it but to run from the wines section at one end of ‘A SAD* supermarket’ to the clothing section at the other.

*(‘A SAD’ I will have you know, is a very clever anagram, disguising the real name so as not to provide free advertising for the corporate machine)

Admittedly – no more imaginative or strenuous than the #dressinggowndash

(which incidentally doesn’t yet appear to be trending on twitter – I think it must be broken)

…but despite the non-inclusion of a dressing gown, is actually slightly more embarrassing.
As I zoomed across the polished but obstruction strewn floor, I managed to avoid the temptation to grab as many high value items off the shelves and throw them into my trolley as per my 1994 appearance on Dale’s supermarket sweep (complete lie there actually – I was never on that quality programme but it seemed to read nicely and would have been interesting had it been true… But it isn’t… Mmmm… I’ll get rid…. Or…maybe I’ll leave it in and just get rid of this bit! Yeah.) and achieved the following time:


Awesome. I think you’ll agree. 6 Calories – get me! And my reward? Because of course I deserve a reward for making an idiot of myself…


Oh yeah baby! But what’s this?


29 kcal per piece! Mmmm… balance that against my run and that equates to…


…the little bit on the right.




(I’ll just leave the little bit on the right then)

  1. jensruns2011 says:

    Fab post. Love a bit of Galaxy…never seem able to have just a little bit though 🙂

  2. henniemavis says:

    Saw this very short “run” logged on RunningFree & was wondering, laughing… now I know!

    Re: the candy’s reduced portion size, why bother? Open the wine, instead. You can’t drink any, mind you… but you can open it & suck the cork. There’s your 6 calories, HA!

    Or go ahead & eat the cork — cuz it’s all fiber & fiber doesn’t count 🙂

    • I think I’m pushing it on the short runs but and it’s dragging down my averages… maybe it will help me shift this cold (had I mentioned I’ve not been very well?) and I can do a few decent runs before the month is out too 🙂

  3. lazybetty says:

    I’m hoping your cold etc doesn’t get better before the end of Juneathon as I’m enjoying your imaginative alternative exercise posts immensely!

  4. abradypus says:

    That’s you, the magathon and fortnight flo all using supermarket based forms of exercise. A definite trend forming.

  5. Rachel B says:

    Supermarket dashes were as popular as dressing gown ones yesterday!

  6. K, like in caKe says:

    Supermarket Sweep, chocolate AND maths – this post has everything. Top marks.

  7. […] at some ridiculous hour. It might have been a bit longer than the Dressing Gown Dash 2 and the Supermarket Sweep but it wasn’t nearly as […]

  8. maggiee says:

    How funny that we should have done the same activity on the same day! Great minds think alike I reckon… although yours clearly more great as you clearly do know your left from your right… as you are now aware… I don’t! 🙂

  9. shazruns says:

    […] have included swimming the channel,                    triathlon participation, supermarket dashing, stiletto running, bouncy castling,         bumping downstairs on your bum, walking in the […]

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