Heanor church tower… 90 something steps

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Juneathon, running

My knee has been randomly hurting this week…

… I say ‘randomly’! … well it is the middle of Juneathon af course… Running everyday…

… I say ‘running’ everyday… well, moving slightly more than usual in supermarkets, in the garden, etc.

Anyway.. yes… my knee. It’s probably nothing. … well I say ‘nothing’ … it’s actually providing a very vital link between my upper and lower legs and contributes immensely to my running ability… but the injury/niggle/ psychosomatic whatsitmajobby is probably nothing.  But to be on the safe side, today’s exercise is using something I had to do today anyway…

Which is to go up this tower:


…via this lovely windy spiral staircase:


(is ‘windy’ spelt the same as ‘windy’ ? ‘cos that’s potentially dead confusing. What if… when they built this tower, they actually wanted just a lot more air to circulate around the building so people could fly kites indoors and said to the builders “oh, and can we have a nice windy tower in the corner, please”)

Resist the temptation to learn to fly from here:


Which is actually the kind of temptation I’m quite good at dealing with…

…and remove the flag from the flagpole because it’s been flying since goodness knows when and will fall to bits if left flapping in the wind and the rain.

Oh… while I remember… and I warn you… blatent Dad-Boasting bit coming up… so skip this bit if you like… In April my son – Not MuchOfaSitStiller-  saw the flag flying and said “why is that up there?”

 …and my wife (NotAtAllaRunner) responded, “Because it’s St. George’s day”

My boy, then mishearing her, looks puzzled and comes back with, “But Georgia’s flag has 4 more crosses”…

… I looked it up…

 He plays the ‘flags quiz’ on my ipod and is getting better than me now.


Boast over…

Now I’m falling to bits and don’t want to be left flapping in the wind and rain either so this may be it for my Juneathon today. Though there’s always a chance I’ll go and ‘test out’ my knee later as well.

So there we go: I jogged up 90+ steps of the church tower in 2 minutes (not sure how to record this one on runningfreeonline)

  1. Chris says:

    “step stepping machine”!!

  2. lazybetty says:

    v impressed with notmuchofasitstiller’s flag knowledge!

  3. maggiee says:

    That is immense knowledge. I wouldn’t have a clue what Georgia’s flag looked like, I don’t think I’d even have been 100% confident that they had a flag at all! Clearly, I should download that app! Good job on the steps, that sounds tiring! And, just cos I have to ask… what is your job that takes you up windy or windy towers, flaps you around and brings you back down again?!

    • I just happen to go along to that church and volunteered to put flag up and take it down for various specific occasions, so that people with hip replacements and fear of heights didn’t have to do it. On the 26th June I shall be making the journey repeatedly in order to send teddy bears down a zip-wire… Blog post sorted for that day

      • runtezza says:

        What very brave teddy bears!

        Hope your knee behaves for rest of month.

        By the way, I snorted with mirth at your kitchen timer effort on Maraton Talk the other week — very very funny.

  4. runorgocrazy says:

    As per usual a brilliant blog and has me LOL(that does mean Laugh Out Loud and not Lots Of Love?!)

  5. plustenner says:

    where is Georgia?? LOL well done son of notmuchofarunner 🙂

  6. fortnightflo says:

    Great blog and good for you saving all the oldies legs! Not much good if you need a knee replacement yourself from doing it though eh?

  7. jensruns2011 says:

    Clever son you’ve got there. Hope your knee doesn’t get any worse 🙂

  8. abradypus says:

    Perfectly understandable boast…but damn you for getting me hooked on the flag game!

  9. abradypus says:

    Perfectly understandable boast…but damn you for getting me hooked on the flag game!

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