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Posted: September 4, 2011 in running
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Let’s get it clear from the start… I didn’t run 100miles this weekend. But I ran just shy of a marathon over the two days though, and it was still hard! Achey legs a-plenty.

The aim… Ultimately – to raise money for the Cop-athlon charities… The method: To run 100 miles in total, as part of an intrepid team of 5 (3 of whom ran about 25 miles each and the other 2 sharing, sometimes jointly running, the remaining milage).

The short version of this blog is that we did it, and in doing so have kicked off the Cop-athlon campaign nicely. Blog over.

Still here?… Right… I’ll continue with the long version…

Day one: Saturday 3rd September

The brains behind the Cop-athlon challenge, Andy Coppins (or ‘Approximate’ Andy as he was to become known) led from the front and ran the first leg… followed by his second leg and then his first leg again, etc until he had run the 13.5 miles required of the Tissington trail in Derbyshire’s Peak District.

'Approximate' Andy

The virtual batton was passed to me, Audiofuel Phil (due to my efforts to convert the other runners to its motivational magic) and I completed a slightly longer than planned run thanks to ‘Approximate Andy’ and his questionable GPS device. I should be grateful it was only an extra mile I suppose.

'Audiofuel' Phil

I then watched Mr Courtney ‘Sat Naff!’ Nangle head off into the distance while I nursed my already aching quads.

Courtney lived up to his name (well to be fair, he acquired the name as a result) and although running fast, he stopped at the wrong Carsington Water car park and left the rest of us sunbathing for an extended period growing increasingly concerned for his safety.  He’d even left his phone in the car at this stage as he was fed up with other people calling him while running, as you can see…

'SatNaff' Courtney

He was fine of course (but a bit embarrassed) as he handed the penultimate stage of the day to the real runner of the group, Mr ‘Undulating’ Dave Richards (nicknamed due to his repeated description of his day’s route rather than an outline of his physical contours, which incidentally would actually be ‘triangle’ or something).

'Undulating' Dave

And so to Lou ‘laces’ Robinson. The only girl brave enough to join the misfits on a mission. She met the challenge well with a storming final run of the day, finishing in Matlock where she was rewarded for her efforts with the gift of knowledge of how to tie her shoelaces properly! Seriously!

'Laces' Lou

All participants happy with half a job well done and even my BBQ-melted-duct-tape-repaired trainers stood up to the punishment.

Holey trainers Batman!

Day 1 done! Woop de woop.

A well deserved pub meal at the Bull’s Head in Foolow was followed by an overnight stay at Eyam Youth Hostel (Youth! Ha! Us!). Mmmm… The YHA experience could be a blog post in itself so let’s just say…. the breakfast next morning was great – tasty and good value, it and didn’t involve not sleeping in a sweaty dorm with strangers who slam the door when they go to the toilet in the middle of the night.  I’m just saying.

Ice creams… Confectionary… Get yourself a cup of tea…etc.
INTERVAL OVER… please take your seats.

Day 2: Sunday 4th September…

Do you know what? I’m really tired and my brain is mush so I’m going to keep this kind of short… Today’s run order was shuffled up a bit as ‘SatNaff’ Courtney had to be back in Nottingham by evening and so caught the train after running the first leg… Well sort of… He missed his turning and needed picking up by Ian ‘the transporter’ Cranefield (who has been an absolute star all weekend as our personal chauffeur!)  Oh… here’s a picture of him actually running a small section of the route after I’d left my cap on the roof of the car when he drove off… whoops!

Ian 'the transporter'

I ran the undulating (Dave was right!) route around Carsington Water and beyond. Then Andy, a very fast Dave, and Lou rounded off this 100 mile event to crowds of cheering fans… Well…. the rest of us… minus the now departed Courtney.


'100m' ... Done!


We all had a great weekend and thanks to some generous Twitter, Facebook and text-contactable friends the fundraising has got off to a good start. It’s never too late if you would like to give and paypal donations can now be made directly from the Cop-athlon site. Or if you are in the area, do think about joining in some of the other challenges maybe!

Many thanks to all who have supported this event.

Time for sleep now,

NotMuchOfaRunner   AKA      ‘Audiofuel’ Phil

  1. plustenner says:

    brilliant blog as always and well done on your runs!!

  2. fortnightflo says:

    Blimey – well done! A marathon in 2 days is awesome!

  3. fortnightflo says:

    PS just donated a few quid to the great cause.

  4. abradypus says:

    Wow! Great post, great run.

  5. jensruns2011 says:

    Well done you! All sounds very hardcore 🙂

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