Copathlon event – the ‘B’ of the ‘Bang!’

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
  • A note to both of my regular readers – I am writing this post for my friend’s charity fundraising project so apologies for the lack of running content. The only connection to running is the title. I can’t even remember (and I’m too lazy to look now) who it was that said about starting a race on the ‘b of the bang’ but I’m sure it was originally a running quote.

Event number 3 in the Copathlon (10 charity fundraising events very loosely connected to the decathlon) got underway on Saturday 22nd October with the ‘shot’ put . Quite how this event title was not the one used for event 2 (golf) what with taking shots and putting and such, I do not know, but Andy Coppins, the man with the overall plan, saw fit to have the recent golf day linked with the long jump! (Cos they both have a sandpit or something :-S ).

Back to the Shot Put – This event was basically clay pigeon shooting… Putting some shot in a gun (ok Andy, I’ll let you off, this is actually quite a reasonable link) and shooting stuff… Or more accurately for some people – shooting at stuff, which is not quite the same thing!

Based at Langar airfield in Nottinghamshire, 17 tweed-clad country types (well not quite… But there was at least one flat cap and one hip-flask present) were given their safety instructions (basically – don’t shoot anyone) and after separating into 3 groups, were taught how to shoot at fast-moving clay frisbees.

Look at the difference a flat cap makes to this man’s confidence…






I’d like to say at this point that no living creatures were injured during this activity but I suspect that may not be true as there may be a few bruised shoulders this morning.

The greatest chance of anyone being severely injured probably came from the clubhouse toilets where, perhaps in an attempt to instill an ethos of accuracy in all areas of life, a live electrical feed was placed next to the toilet in the men’s cubicle… Miss at your own risk!!


Back to the shooting…
The staff were great. Skillful, knowledgable and friendly, though I ought to point out that they weren’t as friendly as this photo would suggest! It was just the angle at which it was taken.


Half-way through the shoot, those people struggling to hit the small targets got a chance to hit some bigger ‘birds’ as some parachutists dropped in. However, we were informed that these would not count towards the competition total, so we let them plummet to the earth unhindered.


A great day was had by all, especially as many people, including Mark, the eventual winner, had never done clay pigeon shooting before.



Thanks to all who participated, Andy has informed me that over £200 was raised for the Copathlon charities from this event and things now gear up for the Hawaiian Party on 3rd December (High Jump I think!)

Ahem… one more thing…
one participant…

… even managed to shoot a clay in two with one shot and then deliberately shot one of the fragments with his second shot. Thank you and good night 🙂

  1. shazruns says:

    OOOOOOh get you well done.

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