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Posted: November 27, 2011 in Diet, running
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I have had an annoying pain for about a year now. It’s not very big but it has got bigger and stopped me feeling human and has definitely limited my running of late…

I could be talking about my daughter but I actually refer to a non-descript lower abdo / groin pain, occasionally sharp, which will seem fine until I run, and then I struggle to sit up in bed the next morning, hence I’m here tapping away at the iPod now, I guess.

Random, unrelated comment follows:
Crumbs it’s windy outside!
End of random, unrelated comments

Anyway, the night before last Notmuchofasleeper woke at 2:30am and despite all usual methods tried, was still awake at 4:00, at which point I decided “if I’m going to be awake and exhausted, I might as well lose some weight at the same time”. So I got the pushchair out and went for a run with her, returning about 3 whole hours later.

In hindsight, I could have run around the estate, let her fall asleep and return to my bed…. But I didn’t want to be a parent who falls into a trap of having to take my baby out in the pushchair just to get her to sleep… Oh no. Instead, I wanted to be a parent who is so dedicated to occasionally randomly running 15 miles, for no particular reason other than he’s going a but mad and even though he hasn’t run in ages, that he has to take the pushchair out in the pitch blackness at 4:30am to do so.

I ran past our new house to be. It still looked nice, and the area didn’t feel dodgy at night,
…so that’s good.

We still don’t have a date to move though and our buyer is requesting random information such as written permission from the council for a dropped kerb (which, as an ex-council house, we presume they might already know about)
… So that’s not so good.

Notmuchofasleeper did indeed of course sleep through the whole episode and then woke up 5 mins after we got home. Typical.

In weight-loss news… Things are very slow, but moving in the right direction (a bit like an elephant seal on the beach, heading back to water – ha! I sort of got the elephant reference in for no particular reason) and the early morning run would have helped, but unfortunately a family outing to Frankie&Bennies’s, a full rack of ribs, waffles&ice-cream, 2 pints and polishing off others’ left-overs, pretty much cancelled out the benefits!


I have been trying out a myfitnesspal app. on the iPod to help keep track of calories in/out…. based on a goal of getting to under 90kg before Christmas. My run day ended only 23 calories in credit!
I’m currently about 96kg (still 4 better than 100 I suppose!) which still makes me clinically obese based on my height…. but I’ve already gone on about that before I think.

I stated on twitter a while back, that I would not tweet again until I was less than 90kgs. I didn’t tweet a lot anyway so I don’t think I’m missed but I did enjoy it occasionally so believe it or not, it is still part of my motivation… as is the fact that in the back of my mind, somewhere in that perfect, imaginary world where I have no random stomach pain, I would still like to do a triathlon before I’m 40… and I’d definitely need to lose weight before that happens… that and learn how to swim properly of course.

Til next time,

  1. abradypus says:

    15 mile random runs at four thirty. That’s my kind of madness 🙂

  2. fortnightflo says:

    That is an extremely mad thing to do! Good to see you back though – will you be joiinginus for Janathon?

    • Sounds painful, I’m not sure… I might just run for Janathon instead.
      Though seriously, not sure at the moment. House move likely to sap most of my energy and time I’d imagine. I might need a stress relief though, I suppose 🙂

  3. 7stoneitch says:

    myfitnesspal is a handy little app, but I do find myself going a bit zaphappy with the barcode scanner!

  4. How have I missed this post until now (must be because we miss you on Twitter)? 15 moonlight miles, amazing! That’s some special kind of insomnia – perhaps you should change names with your daughter.

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