Posted: January 12, 2012 in Janathon, not running, running

Oh dear…

It’s all gone a bit pear shaped this past few days. Not that I’VE gone pear-shaped… that would be weird… though that’s not to say if you are pear-shaped, that you are weird…. some of my best friends are pear shaped and they are only a little bit weird.

Moving on…

My blogging has been:


…and my running has been:

(more pants)

…Today I woke up and felt energised and motivated. It was as though a strange force had gripped me and, even though I still had to lever my belly out of bed too, I… without the usual procrastination before a run… threw on my clothes, laced up my trainers, and headed out to face the morning’s run with barely a thought about fuelling, hydration or whether additional insulation was required at this time of day.

The first part of my run was predominantly down hill, and without having warmed up, I actually found this quite tough and lost my footing a couple of times but all was good as I then settled into a rythm on the flat section. There was then a short, restricted-access section which I negotiated quickly. I’ve done it quite a few times and the only time I had any trouble was typically when I’d had a couple of drinks, but the land owner is a fairly forgiving sort and at the time, could see my judgement was impaired so let me off without too much of a telling off.

Then I dragged my heavy load, still bulging from the indulgences of the festive period, along annoying section of gravel pathway before reaching the main road.

At which point I left the bin there, cursed myself for not having remembered to do it last night, and headed back to my warm comfy bed.

Here is a map of my route for anyone interested…






Scroll down







Now wasn’t that worth scrolling down for?!

Distance: Approx. 15 metres

Speed: Pretty darn quick actually ‘cos I’d heard the lorry coming

Calories: Oooo yes please

  1. christine says:

    great pic. yes, worth scrolling down for! :-))

    and it’s more than i have done myself – i use the lift (i live in an apartment on teh 2nd floor) to go downstairs/outside!

    i did not have the energy to consider janathon this year but i am enjoying the posts.

  2. Shaz says:

    Glad you made it. I hate when bin is so full you have to tread in it to fit more in which appends if you don’t react as quickly as you did.

  3. plustenner says:

    love the drawing!

  4. Outstanding! You look overjoyed with your efforts on the map.

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