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Posted: February 22, 2012 in running, Triathlon
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So… A few days ago I entered my first triathlon…

… To clarify… I have not yet done the triathlon, I have merely entered, though at that price (ahem… £50!) I’m certainly not backing out.

It’s not particularly long:

750m swim (open water)
20km cycle
5km run

But it’s got me motivated and I’m smiling again.

I gave up twitter a while ago and said I’d not go back til I was under 90kg. I thought that would motivate me… but it didn’t. I obviously didn’t care that much.

Anyway… I really don’t have much of a clue how these things work… I don’t even know if I have to have a wetsuit (I reckon I will though)… Here is my current list of further questions:

1)…if I do wear a wetsuit, do I cycle and run in it too?

2)If I don’t do that, do I have nice towel down and change into a dry pair of shorts before the bike ride? 2b)… (or do I have to buy one of those all-in-one things like they wore in Victorian times?)

3)Am I allowed swim breaststroke as an alternative to drowning?

4)Can I take a rubber ring in the water with me?

5)Is it worth getting proper cycle shoes with those clip things that mean you fall off when you stop?

… UPDATE… I have indeed purchased a pair of the above falling-off-bike shoes from eBay (my new friend). Blog post about falling off my tricycle to arrive soon after their delivery, no doubt.

6)I’ve heard that vaseline damages wetsuit material, how do I prevent the inevitable chaffing?

7)do I actually race this thing or do I just treat it as an experience?

…UPDATE… I went swimming for the first time in ages yesterday. I didn’t drown. I even swam two lengths of front crawl, one after the other! Oh and bonus… I arrived so late at the pool that the receptionist felt bad about charging me £3.60 to swim for only half an hour clearly fancied me, and let me swim for free. 🙂

…FURTHER UPDATE… I ran to the pool (with NotMuchOfaSleeper in the pushchair today – 2 miles), completed 3 or 4 laps of the teaching pool (one of which was with a small, plastic, yellow duck balanced on my head, much to the amusement of the cutest, most gorgeous little girl that I am blessed to be able call my daughter), and then ran home again… I don’t think my body knows what’s hit it this week! … I’ll be tweeting again in a couple of weeks at this rate.

I now have the EBay-bought cycling shoes… They fit and everything! I’ve yet to take them on a test ride though… Tomorrow maybe?
Oh, and I do need a wetsuit for the swim apparently. Compulsory, according to event website PDF.

This triathlon malarkey is going to get expensive I can see!

By the way… If you can answer any of my questions above, they weren’t intended to be rhetorical so please feel free to chip in. If you imagine I know next to nothing about triathlon and then halve that, you’ll not be far off.


  1. plustenner says:

    Go you! Have no doubt you will do this no problem 🙂 Not got much experience with triathlons, but know someone who does, do you follow or @runningthetube on Twitter, he has done a few
    good luck! looking forward to following you on this journey 🙂

  2. Drowning, nudity and drafting are the only things really frowned upon by triathlon organisers.

    Go for the breaststroke but do take your wetsuit off after (if only to make it possible to bend over and put your clippy shoes on). Trisuits are favoured by many (a sort of zip up spandex babygro) and if you hit Aldi at the right time can be picked up for a song; failing that, a pair of lycra shorts (preferably a little padded to protect the bike-man interface) under yer wetsuit and a towel and t-shirt in transition (the triathlon version of “village changing”) should suffice. If swimming’s not your cup of tea, you could consider hiring a wetsuit for the season and save a few pennies to splurge on non-petroleum based lube (

    Good luck!

  3. 7stoneitch says:

    The only one I possibly know the answer to is number 4 and my guess is, the answer is no!

  4. henniemavis says:

    Good heavens. Here’s my 2-cents (2-pence?): have you ever spectated a triathlon? DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

    You’ll see what others wear (competitors & non-competitors alike), what gear they have. Go stand at the transitional pit (where the bikes & other gear are stowed) and watch racers changeover from swim to bike to run (I’ve never seen one get naked, but they do some pretty clever changeovers).

    Most of all, cheer for the poor bastards, especially the strugglers… they… er, we… need it 😉

  5. abradypus says:

    I did a triathlon once, though half the distance of yours.

    Swimming – if it is open water, practice in a lake at least twice beforehand. Cold lake no edges is very different to warm pool with edges.

    Cycling – resist the urge to buy a specialist road bike. If your doing it to get round, any old bike will be fine. But get it serviced before the race.

    Running – I decided that cycling in wet running shorts was preferable to running in wet cycling shorts. But I was only cycling 10k.


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