Willpower? No, power won’t.

Posted: March 7, 2012 in not running, running, Triathlon
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Perhaps a slightly misleading title, as I must have some willpower but it seems not when I’m tired… which therefore means the bit I do have is pretty low-grade stuff (unlike the woman/machine that is abradypus). Hence I’ve adapted this picture of a random electronic devices charger (originally found at this blog) to charge my willpower instead.


Tuesday is rapidly becoming “try / tri tuesday” – the day on which I put kids to bed, get my own kit together and try to tri.

*deep breath…*
My ‘local’ pool is (was) a 15 minute bike ride away but I managed it in 10 yesterday because I’d dozed off on my bed and the pool closes at 10pm but it’s just adult swimming between 9 and 10pm which is good cos it’s late and hardly anyone is there and so they can’t see me thrashing about in the water pretending to swim but unless I get there by at least 9:30pm it’s not worth it and as I look at my clock it’s already 9:15 and I have to decide very quickly if I’ll take the bike or the car but I decide on the bike cos I ate a whole big tin of creamed rice pudding at dinner and need to burn it off but I wonder if I’ll be at the pool in time for it to be worthwhile though I figure the nice lady on reception might let me swim for free again like she did a while ago if it’s only for a bit so I just pedal hard and hope. *breathe*

I made it for 9:30pm and so after bike-locking and changing I still had a good 25 mins in the pool for my £3.10 . I didn’t count lengths exactly but I reckon it cost me about 6p per length so I had to make each one count. I’m still not very efficient with my stroke and get tired quickly. I seem to be quite all or nothing… literally sink or swim… so I worked on swimming one length breast stroke and one front crawl for the duration of the evening (that is to say, I repeated that pattern… I did not just swim 2 lengths over the course of the session!).

A good strong cycle home was then followed by running…

…the bath.


  1. K, like in caKe says:

    You didn’t wear that vest in the pool, did you?

  2. fortnightflo says:

    Hehe – I need one of those vests please – you come up with the best gadgets. I’m still waiting for my power bracelet thingy by the way…

  3. Millie says:

    Yes. I 100% need this!

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