Going down…

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Diet, running, Triathlon
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Ok… So it happened…
… Everyone told me it would…
… And it did.

I had started thinking it wouldn’t.
I was organised. Thinking ahead. Anticipating the conditions…. But then… Boom!

I am, of course referring to the inevitable embarrassing fall that follows purchase of the evil that is the confusingly titled ‘clipless pedals’. These are the sort of bike pedals which you clip into with a special sort of shoe (I won’t go into the various different types here).
From what I can gather, they are called clipless pedals simply because they don’t have straps (clips) attached to them into which a person would put their standard shoe. The point is, with clipless systems, your shoe is attached securely to the bike pedal and can only be removed by rotating your heel away from the bike. This is fairly simply done…

… But you need to remember to do it.

…I had remembered… Sort of… as I was following a couple of cars, I was aware of them slowing, indicating (yes actually indicating – I nearly fainted on the spot) and waiting to turn right. The car closest to me must have seen in his rear view mirror that I was slowly approaching speeding towards them like a well-oiled triathlon machine in the making, and adjusted their road position accordingly to allow me to pass on the left hand side.

… The other car did not.
…I didn’t expect either car to, to be honest and so had prepared for the unclipping manoeuvre, but as I slowed to 1mph just before the critical moment, they began to pull away, so I started up again..
…But then they stopped suddenly…

… And so did I …

… But no unclipping this time…

Followed by…

… A graceful… sideways… Flop! Onto the pavement…
….At 0 mph. Nice. Classy

To call it a fall would give it more credit than it deserves.

Thankfully nothing but pride damaged.
Nobody needs to know…


  1. fortnightflo says:

    LOL I did that once during the Thames Bridges bike ride – I didn’t even have cllips just those slip in strap thingies. Stopped at traffic lights and just fell over to the right in front of 4 cars. I feel your pain and shame!

  2. abradypus says:

    My top tip while you get used to clipless pedals is to unclip both feet at traffic lights. I unclipped just my left foot, then looked over my right shoulder and toppled over to the right. To add injury to insult, I (stupidly) stuck out my right arm to break my fall and ended up with a broken elbow. Ooops. But now I’m used to them, I love them.

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