Treading water

Posted: May 10, 2012 in not running, Triathlon
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I’m shattered. Maybe I need a rest day.
Feel like I’ve been working my butt off to lose some weight and clearly my butt has not actually been worked off… and neither has my gut. But I do feel fitter so it’s not all bad.

I have done some form of exercise everyday this past week, be it tennis, running, swimming, cycling or badminton. I had been running with a friend on a Tuesday to help him shift some weight recently but when he was ill this week, I went along to a coached swimming session at a nearby pool.
Billed as a ‘stroke technique’ session, it was actually more like a ‘the reason I quit going to swim club when I was 12’ session. I was so glad I’d only made it for the last 45 mins and not the full hour!
Anyway, I thought I’d put some of my new-found swimming expertise into practise tonight and captured my efforts on one of those whizzy app-type things that my friends keep posting to Facebook that scream, “I’m so very fit – I have run around Britain in 3 hours and cycled to the moon” and you must be a fat, lazy, arse because you have posted nothing.
Well here you are people:

(the GPS route tracking thing is shown in red so you can check out the route I took)

So at the end of this month I shall be swimming 750m, cycling 20k and running 5k in my first triathlon. It’s not quite an ironman, but it’s a start and I am getting better. If I drown, I would just like to say… “help, help, I’m drowning! Save me!”
…but also that I have really enjoyed improving this aspect of my training.

In a couple of months I shall be part of a team doing the JOGLE bike ride to raise funds for the Copathlon charities and I would love to get rid of some weight to make this a whole heap easier. This triathlon thing has really given me a boost towards this but I would love to shift another couple of kgs, not least so I can try to enjoy the experience as well as raise lots of money but also so I could allow myself back into twitter-world following my self-imposed ‘no tweeting if you weigh more than 90kg’ ban.

We’ll see…

  1. plustenner says:

    good luck! think you are amazing doing any triathlon, I am rubbish at swimming, cycling and running 🙂

    • plustenner says:

      donation made, great cause !

      • Wow! Thank you 🙂
        Unexpected… but gratefully received.
        You caught me out, as I did not anticipate any sponsorship coming from this avenue.
        Just in case others do the same (and you really, really don’t have to) can I direct you to which will just help keep track of how much this event contributes to the overall total. The money ends up in the same place though so ultimately it doesn’t matter if you’ve donated via the Copathlon website.

  2. abradypus says:

    Your gps swim route made me giggle. Lots. Thank you.

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