3) Today, I did a ton…

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Juneathon, running
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… Or a ‘tonne’, I never am sure if there is a difference, and if there is, just what it is and as I am currently sat in the buff in a small swimming pool change cubicle trying to drip-dry after my swim because I have no towel, I am not sure why I’m really that bothered… (In fact, I’m not bothered at all… So don’t tell me, please).

Hang on… Just going to do a couple of jumping jacks to speed up the drying process…

… Well that was surprisingly painful!

Stupid wet floor!

Right, back to my ton… I woke up with the clock still saying 5:something and eventually headed out the door with it saying 6:something did a 5k run and got back home and had breakfast before it said 7:something… but most importantly, before either of my children had said something. Because if I’d been slower and anyone small was up and saying anything while I was still out somewhere doing my thing then someone who would like to have still been sleeping would definitely had something to say about it upon my return.

Thankfully, I wasn’t, they weren’t, she was, she didn’t.

Here’s my ton anyway…


Now I’ve got myself thinking… Would a ton be 100 or 1000 anyway? Oh well, I’m not changing the title now.
To be honest, it will be more than 1000 anyway. I don’t always run with the iPod though I found it really useful motivation to begin with.

Now… this afternoon, I took NotMuchOfaSitStiller to a birthday party at the leisure centre and while he did that I spontaneously thought I’d go for a swim there… In the pool… Not at the party (as I happened to randomly be wearing shorts under my track suit).
Having complimented the receptionist for her efforts in updating the pool timetable for the ‘splashpath’ app. which I stated I found wonderfully useful, she gave me the swim for free!

Nice lady.

(I didn’t get a free towel though – obviously)

Now if I have bath tonight, can I count it as a triathlon?

  1. abradypus says:

    With stats like that, you really should be contemplating a change of name 🙂

  2. henniemavis says:

    Abradypus, HA! Pot calls kettle black, I’d say 😉 You are both far exceeding your names.

  3. fortnightflo says:

    Ditto! Thats the problem with these athons…they actually make you start almost *enjoying* exercise!

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