Sooooooo wet today! Done very little.
Notmuchofasitstiller actually asked if he could do a triathlon today. Would have been good… But…

He can’t swim. So I thought that was pushing it. It was proper, proper, big rain too so bike and run wouldn’t be much fun.

We made an effort though and we all went to the pool in the afternoon and had a great time.

Obviously that was wet too, but by choice… so it doesn’t count.

If I’d chosen to run in the rain, that would have been by choice too I suppose. But I didn’t. Well done if you did.

In the absence of inspiration I thought I’d link to my post from this date last year

Hmmmmm… Not really the most helpful.

The next option is to post this one in the middle of the night and make sure I do tomorrow’s earlyish and barely anyone will know this post ever existed at all… Shhhhhhh.


  1. abradypus says:

    Hey everyone! Come read this post!

  2. fortnightflo says:

    Your evil plan was scuppered by google reader…

  3. henniemavis says:

    Your tags always break me up. Craving sausages at the moment you blogged? I generally can’t stand them… but it’s after midnight here & I could almost go for something greasy & salty… perhaps some crisps will suffice… off to check the cupboard… oh, I’m sorry. Were you blogging about exercise?

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