10) Balancing

Posted: June 10, 2012 in Juneathon, not running
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Unlike lazyjogger I have been unable to successfully balance family time and sporting brilliance.

The best I managed was one of those ill-fated family walks that should be really nice but as at least 50% of the reason for heading out was to get NotMuchOfaSleeper to actually sleep, her not doing so and just being grumpy instead seemed to rub off on the rest of us.
Since I only do paid work two days/week, and rightly or wrongly apportion a large chunk of my self-worth to creating positive home relationships (together with the fact that my wife is the hardest working person I know and doesn’t give herself breaks that often) this kind of thing (the not having a good time even though all things point to the fact we should) really annoys me… and then I feel annoyed for being annoyed… and then I feel annoyed at being annoyed for being annoyed… and that’s quite annoying! (Which annoys me).

Of course the little madam then fell asleep about 2 metres from our (now-earlier-than-planned return) home.

She is gorgeous but even this evening, I was thinking I’d head out for a decent run to blow away the day’s cobwebs… but she has other plans – possibly teething, possibly just adjusting to her big girl’s bed, possibly practising for her teenage years and identifying all the buttons she can push to send me over the edge.

It’s now 21:30 and I fear that tomorrow’s ironing pile and child school prep will take priority now.

I’ve read a few blogs recently from folks experiencing proper family upset so I’m going to make the choice this evening to be grateful, to do the (stupid) ironing, to get my lovely wife a cup of coffee and (if I feel so inclined) attempt press-ups to exhaustion before I go to bed.

I may even try a handstand… just to further link to the blog title… and because I can*

*actually, I can’t… But I might attempt one anyway.

  1. shazruns says:

    I too always want everyone to be happy especially when we are altogether this makes holidays exhausting! Maybe there is a job for us with the UN! Remember ironing is exercising so juneathon carries on!

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