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Posted: June 24, 2012 in Juneathon, running
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I think I’ve missed the 24 hour blog period… Maybe if i don’t say anything, the Juneathon bosses will not notice or at least graciously let me continue…

It was a busy day on Friday, I got so much done… except exercise.
It got to 11pm and I settled down to watch ‘quantum of solace’ – the James Bond film.
Pretty much the only benefit of hardly ever getting to the cinema or getting any DVDs is that stuff comes on the normal TV which I haven’t seen yet*. So I recorded this the other day and watched it back.
At this point I realise I’ve not done any physical activity (apart from wander around Nottingham all day) and I decide to do 10 press ups every time someone says “Bond”.

I didn’t keep count.
I should have.
It was quite a lot.

Saturday (Day 23) was a long family walk with a few geocaches along the way to add to interest. Having been nearly run over at one point by youths on noisy bikes on disused roads in the middle of nowhere, we took the ‘shortcut’ of different disused road back to discover it was a dead end and annoyingly ended up in a field right next to where we wanted to be, separated only by the small matter of a fence… and barbed wire… and hawthorn… and brambles. As it was 1:30pm and we still hadn’t had lunch (bad parents) I wasn’t in the mood for retracing our steps…

Oh no… Lots of thick spikey things! Sharp, pointy, lots of thick spikes things…
We can’t go over it,
We can’t go under it,
We could go around it but it would take us a long time with whiney, tired children and I really didn’t fancy that…
Oh no…. We’ll have to go through it…
Ouch oooch ouch oooch ouch oooch

A very bad example to set to the little people I know, but we made it through with only minor injuries / damage to pushcair and headed directly for the new Nandos that’s opened up nearby. It was still a little over 2 miles away however so I took the noisiest of our two children and completed my unofficial race in support of the fundraising efforts of a six-year old boy that I don’t know.

And today (24th) I’m going on a long bike ride… And I don’t care if it is raining !

*well… This and the fact that I save about a gazillion pounds!

  1. fortnightflo says:

    So difficult sticking to the rules!

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