24) the wrong trousers…

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Juneathon
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I bought some new cycling shorts a while back… They’re nothing special… No incredible brand or great expense. They were a bit of a bargain so I snapped them up a couple of weeks ago. I discovered when I got home however, that they’re more than a little small…
Oh… And… They’re a women’s pair apparently… Oops.

I’ll check the size (when I can remember what I’ve done with them) and devise some competition before juneathon is out in case anyone wants them.
Watch this space.

Today I made amends for my poor recent show in the exercise stakes…

I did two and a half hours on the bike and together with my good friend Andy, we covered 40 miles.

Andy has decided to mark his fortieth year (and the London olympics) by organising 10 events to try and raise £10,000 for charities close to his heart that have helped him in some way over the last 9 years.

Andy has 3 children. His middle child, Matt, was born with down’s syndrome, a heart defect (requiring a number of operations as a baby) and although Matt initially communicated well through signs, a few years later he cruelly also developed autism and subsequently lost many of those skills.

Through the various events Andy has organised as part of the COPATHLON over £5000 has been raised.

The remaining event is a John O’Groats to Land’s End bike ride over the period of a week. With the small team of riders taking turns to ride. Hence the reasonable ride out today.

We leave in a month.

Many thanks to plustenner and abradypus who have already kickstarted the fundraising.
If you feel compelled to do likewise then please visit my just giving page. If not, I’m cool with that too… but I feel shameless enough to ask this evening.

Speaking of shame… It’s a shame there isn’t a Julyathon. I might do alright with that. Well… for a week at least.

  1. Athena says:

    pick me pick me. what size are the bike tights? and if you don’t wear them inside out, no one will know they’re for girls…..

    • Athena says:

      except for their being wrong size….

      • Hehe… yeah… apart from that!
        I think they were a size 12/14 but I think when I bought them from the bargain bucket there was no outer packaging and I just saw the ‘medium’. (Which even for a man’s pair, I think would have been optimistic. Hey ho.

  2. fortnightflo says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I’d like to see them modelled please!

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