27, 28, 29

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Juneathon
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Short blog:

27) badminton for 2 hours
28) tennis for 3 hours
29) cycling for an hour and still going
BIG bike ride tomorrow.

Longer blog:
Everything is broken.
Well, not quite everything, but lots of things…

Tennis racquet (string).
Shed roof.

Some of the above have since, thankfully, corrected themselves…

iPod is now playing sound again, although definitely still has a dodgy headphone jack, and the roof is no longer leaking due to the ceasage of rainyness.

The racquet isn’t too pricey and besides I had the enjoyment of having broken the string on my serve, but getting it in, then continuing to play the next 5 shots with an increasingly spongy racquet and yet still winning the point.

The car has had it though, and that won’t be cheap! Basically need a replacement.

Wednesday was spent panicking about getting the car started, getting NotMuchOfaSitStiller to his tennis lesson (we didn’t make it) and feeling a bit stressed. I enjoyed badminton though.

Thursday was spent still being quite stressed and unable to make decisions, somehow still organising toddler groups, and losing tennis league matches.

Friday was forgetting appointments and cycling very hard with a small child in tow for the pleasure of having my teeth scraped to pieces by the vicious hygienist.

All this excitement means:
I have not been able to get to see the Olympic torch coming near to us (I would have done that),
I have not kept up to date with my daily blogging,
I have read very few blogs,
I don’t want to write much more.

Looking forward (sort of) to a longish bike ride tomorrow… As part of our training for the copathlon
We are meeting about 13 miles away. I was going to take the car with bike to do the ride and then drive home at the end… But with no car, it looks like I’m going to have to extend the day’s total distance cycled by 26 miles.

  1. abradypus says:

    Grrrr! Enjoy your cycle ride tomorrow.

  2. fortnightflo says:

    I too have been rubbish at blogging and reading. I’m not feeling well and I’m afraid I have prioritised sleep over blogging…bad Carla! Hope you feel more up to it soon,

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