I got the power (shameless positive review)

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Reviews
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A couple of weeks back, I was sent a solar charger to review.

It arrived with all this:

To be honest, I was fairly sceptical about its usefulness as I’d recently read some unfavourable reports on similar items, but I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and practicality of this one.

It can be charged by mains (using the supplied adaptor) or any USB port (car, computer, etc) via its mini-USB input port and takes about 4 hours for a full charge.
It then has a USB output port and comes with an extendable lead and all the adapters to charge various devices (but of course you can use any USB charging lead for your various gadgets).


1) Bloomin’ marvellous! A full charge on the gadget easily recharged my iPod touch and had enough left to top up my Xperia x10-mini smart phone too.

2) It’s not heavy and is about the size of an iPhone so is nicely portable.

3) It has a little bendy LED light thing on it. Not sure why. I guess it might come in useful if, say, you needed to… I don’t know… see in the dark or something. Actually I have used it to find one of the adaptors that I dropped and which subsequently disappeared under the sofa.


1) It doesn’t weigh much.
I know I said that was a positive just now, but it just feels a little like if I dropped it from a height greater than 5cm it might not survive*

*this statement has no scientific basis but I am not prepared to put it to the test as I quite like this possibly delicate item irrespective of its perceived dropability and I’m not willing to risk its demise.

Hence 2) I don’t really trust the tiny sucker things it comes with to attach the thing to a window. I fear their use would result in… Pop! Crash!

3) Despite leaving it out in the sunshine for two days, it never achieved greater than 50% charge…
Oooo… Switch back to positives again quickly…

4) It has a neat little button on the back which then flashes up with its charge level
AND 5) even that 50% charge I mentioned was enough to charge my completely power exhausted iPod so i could use it straight away when I wanted to go out on a rare long (1.5 hour) run the other day.

In summary, I actually really like it and will definitely be taking it out on long bike rides or day trips when I know I might need to charge my gadgets on the go.

Not great for long swims though.


  1. plustenner says:

    sounds good! I am getting mine to review soon 🙂

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