Zippy, nippy, rippy, chippy

Posted: October 1, 2012 in running
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Filled with jealousy at so many people I know enjoying half-marathons on Sunday, I took the little nipper out for a run in the afternoon. Despite the fact that it was surprisingly a bit breezy*.

My 2 year old, ‘NotMuchOfaSleeper’, is (as her name suggests) not much of a sleeper… but she will have a bit of a snooze in the car or the pushchair… which is great if I fancy a run because I don’t then feel guilty about disappearing off for two hours and leaving the kids with my better half.

I didn’t know how far I’d go but once I got there, I kept going… and then came back. My legs hurt. I contemplated an extra couple of miles to make it a half marathon but then I thought… Naah… And subsequently ate far too much for dinner and undid all of my hard work.

I was quite pleased with the distance and pace though considering I was pushing a heavy sleeping lump all of the way.

I noticed upon going to get changed (which incidentally was prior to dinner – in case you thought I ate dinner bathing in my own sweat!) the reason why it was perhaps more breezy than I thought it had looked outside…

(… a condition I then remembered had been pointed out to me when I wore those shorts for tennis last week) … and I thought… “Phew… I’m glad I was running with a buggy in front of me so a whole load of strangers I don’t know didn’t get to see my ripped shorts!”

…close shave there (not literally) narrowly avoiding embarrassment. “Phew” I say a second time.

*I’m hardcore, me you know!

  1. fortnightflo says:

    Ooooh, I feel sort of dirty looking at that picture..I can’t quite make out what I am looking at which is making me look at it more closely, which is making me feel even dirtier….Great running tho!

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