The imaginatively titled “day 9”

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Janathon, running
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The other day, I put my headphones through a 40° delicates cycle (see last blog post, I’m too lazy to link to it).

I was advised in the comments by Carla to put them in a bowl of rice in a warm place then stand on my head and sing greensleeves (or some such thing – I’m too lazy to go back and check the exact wording) however, even without following instructions to the letter, the headphones have made a miraculous recovery so – having swam 2km instead of running yesterday (resulting in a worsening graph)…

…today I resumed the pavement pounding and went some way (4.7 miles to be precise) to getting back on track….

…I had intended to do more as I wanted to go the very long way round on the school run but certain small people did not want to be in the pushchair for quite a while (until they were bribed with raisins) by which time I then had to cut the distance down to pick the boy up.

A bit disappointed at now not doing a longer run, I was soon to be cheered up… I had been cunning and took the boy’s trainers and a pair of jogging bottoms with me, so with very little persuasion (the promise of a game of table football which I would have played with him anyway), Notmuchofasitstiller (as my regular reader will know is my boy’s alias on here) ran back home with me – approx 3 km.

Good Lad 🙂

  1. Well done for getting back on track. There’s always a way to find time for a run, even if it does involve bribery and collusion.

  2. Shaz says:

    Good improvisation

  3. abradypus says:

    Cunning and sneaky – a worthy Janathon role model 🙂

  4. chris says:

    you are inspiring me to get back at it.

  5. Great recovery for the headphones and your graph status. I find most things cope with the washing machine, except mobile phones.

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