What’s working?

Posted: April 9, 2013 in running, Triathlon, Uncategorized
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I said I’d write a random blog, even if nobody reads it, to make note of what’s working so here goes…

What is working?…

Well… I am working… Sort of… I’m supposed to be working… but with it still being school holidays, traffic has been easy going, I’ve arrived early and so I’m starting a blog post while sat in the car park.

What else is working?…

My scales. They’re working. They have to work quite hard actually :-/

What else?…

My immune system. That now seems to have done the job of ridding the bugs from last week. I wasn’t the only one to suffer. My wife and daughter took the baton on what appeared to be a sick, 4 x 48-hour germ relay…
Only it turned out my boy dropped the baton in what was supposed to be his leg and totally avoided being ill at all! Good man  🙂

…. …. …. …. …. ….

That was as far as I got with blog-writing yesterday morning. Today is a non-working day, so last night I got to go for a late swim after the kids were in bed.
I wanted to do an hour and a half but also wanted to cycle there so after my usual faffing, I was ten minutes late and only managed 7 x 400m (+ 200m cool-down).

Consistent breathing
One if the hardest things, I think, about swimming for long periods is breathing so deeply and consistently for the duration. Thankfully, I have a secret weapon… A little known fact about me on here is perhaps that I’m a concert flautist… well… semi-professional… Ok…my dad taught me to play the flute for a bit when I was younger and now I just occasionally juggle with it… I do feel it helps though (playing it, not juggling with it) but I still find it tough… HOWEVER I can confirm that the whole consistent breathing thing is still far, far better than the alternative of not breathing consistently… For some reason, my brain got a bit out of synch with the whole ‘head underwater = don’t breathe in’ rule and I suffered the consequences last night.

Maybe my body was telling me I need a drink. Actually, seriously, swimmer-type people out there, daft question, but on longer swim sessions, what do you do about hydration?

As this is supposed to be a running blog, I ought to write something about it here.

I find myself in a catch-22 situation with my running – less is more when it comes to me and running I enjoy it much more when I weigh less and therefore do it less when I weigh more which is, more or less, my problem, in a nutshell.

…so I’ve entered a marathon later this year.

One of two things will happen (there may be more eventualities, but I’m only entertaining two of them because I can put a positive spin on both of these)

Option 1) I actually take it seriously, get more disciplined, watch what I eat more, train more regularly, lose weight, get fitter, get faster, etc and have a great run… (This is the preferred option by the way)

Option 2) my brain does what it has done before and says to me… “well… You’ve done it before on very little training, so what if it took you over 5.5 hours on that occasion? You still did it. Training is for wimps! It takes a real man to go round 26.2 miles carrying extra weight and being unfit”.

If option 2 occurs, (and it is really, quite genuinely a possibility) it will be a big hefty kick up the bum if I’m really serious about doing Ironman distances in the foreseeable future.

Bring. It. On.

  1. Shaz says:

    Great am passing the marathon training baton your way then on the 20 April, you ready? Dropping this ‘a la GB relay team’ is NOT allowed!

  2. abradypus says:

    Option 1 all the way

    PS – which marathon?

  3. fortnightflo says:

    Very brave. I tried option 2 for my half marathon last week – I survived but it wasn’t pleasant. I highly recommend doing some training, even if its just the long runs…

    • I’ve started already… I’m doing that thing where I think about it a lot and decide I’m never eating anything unhealthy again…

      …and then go for a visit to a chocolate factory *facepalm*

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