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Posted: May 24, 2013 in running, Triathlon
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By popular demand… (two people asked) here is my triathlon report from last Sunday…

(Only a week late. And this is when I actually have something to write about as well! – This isn’t looking good for Juneathon, the soon-to-be-upon-us challenge of exercising and blogging everyday in June)

I was so fed up of being ill (persistent cough, sore throat, temperature, general ‘bleugh’ness) for over a week that I would pretend I was fine for a day and do the sprint triathlon I had been so looking forward to.

My prime reasoning was that if I nearly drowned and/or collapsed with fatigue/coughing fits, it would at least provide material for a blog post.

As it is, I have nothing particularly exiting to write. In fact, you might as well nip off now and put the kettle on… unless you need some help to get to sleep, in which case, read on!

I can’t write much about the swim. It was up and down a pool 20 times.
The scenery was pretty much the same throughout.
I didn’t enjoy it.
My chest was tight.
I could have coughed throughout but somehow didn’t.
I was paranoid my nose was going to start bleeding and end my race before it really got started (this has happened before…see ‘map my swim’).
I wanted it over as quick as possible… which is actually quite a good thing in a race.

Time: 9 min 14s (including approx. 1 min run from pool to bike transition)

Time: 35 seconds (helmet, shoes and gone!) Whoosh

BIKE – 20km
As this was a very local triathlon, the bike route was well known to me and one I do regularly when I’m feeling fit enough to cycle the 24 mile round trip to/from work.

…I normally do it without a flat tyre half way through though – much easier and much faster without a flat tyre…

No pump. Oops.
I had a spare tube.
And a repair kit.
But no pump.

Surprisingly other cyclists didn’t slow from their 30 mph sprints to offer assistance (and obviously I didn’t expect it either) so off came the cycle shoes and so began my first full-on bare-foot race as I started pushing my poorly bike along the pavement.

Only 8km from home.

Thankfully, after only a couple of km of barefoot bone-bruising (it’s really not for me!) some motorbike marshals caught up with me, lent me a pump, and eventually (after my 10-15 min delay) I was off again.

Cycle time: 0:00:25  Yes! 25 seconds for 20 km! Get in there!

Time: 0:55:49  Mmmm… Just under 56 minutes to rack my bike, take helmet off and swap shoes. I think either there may have been a possible chip-glitch or this aspect of my triathlon needs some serious attention!

Somebody told me afterwards that they thought I looked strong during the run. They were mistaken. The 5k run took me a full 27 minutes and I didn’t feel strong. I wasn’t going to stop, but I didn’t run at any faster a pace than if I was planning to be running a marathon. I had reverted to my default ‘one pace plod’.

Run time: 27 mins

TOTAL TIME: 01:33:06

I wasn’t racing to win and I was happy to complete it without major incident really. I did find myself being a bit gutted about the flat tyre though because, this being my first sprint triathlon, it was always going to be a PB* but it could have been that much better.

On the bright side, I guess it will also be that bit easier to get a PB next time.

*STOP PRESS… Does it actually count as a ON if previously, I completed a longer triathlon in a shorter period of time?
For that race and a much more interesting triathlon report click here.

  1. rundontrun says:

    Congratulations a) on finishing (that 27 minute 5k sounds good to me after what happened before) and b) for resisting writing “It was on the bike stage that the wheels came off”

  2. plustenner says:

    absolutely amazing! I can’t even run 5k in 27 without a swim and flat tyre bike ride beforehand!! – well done you!!

  3. Shaz says:

    Omg would be so happy with 27 min 5 k run and after a swim, bike ride, walk, bike ride all with not feeling 100% that is incredible. You hero. Now take the rest of may off and we will see you raring to go on June first, right?

  4. abradypus says:

    I’m with Alma and Shaz. A 37 minute plod sounds really quite speedy to me.

  5. fortnightflo says:

    I’m with those 3 – I would kill for a 27 minute 5km! Well done on completing it poorly, would have been very easy to NTU…

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