Balls (5Jun’13)

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Juneathon, running
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I had a tennis match this evening.

My wife was going to be late home from work so I had to take the kids (NotMuchOfaSitStiller & NotMuchOfaSleeper) along with me to my match and hope that my good lady would arrive in time to take them home.

They were brilliant as ball-boy and ball-girl while they were there and NotMuchOfaSitStiller ended up staying on to cheer me on.

Thankfully, I played quite well in front of him and won all four sets I played.

My boy was wonderfully patient and well behaved and we may or may not have stayed on afterward to play our own game for what may or may not have been longer than we should have and as a result, I may or may not have been given a disapproving look when we finally arrived home. :-/

I had intended to activate GPS on my phone and so allow me to map my tennis match… but I forgot on this occasion. But I have done it before (please have a look by clicking here… I think you’ll like it).


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