Splosh (11Jun’13)

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Yesterday, I was late leaving for work.

(I’ll talk about running after this)

I was already a bit late and was preparing lunches for the masses when childcare (in the form of the in-laws) arrived and asked me,

“Are you aware your car door is wide open?”

What?! No! I wasn’t. I wasn’t aware that it was not only open but WIDE open. Not only open, wide open, but with my wallet in plain sight.
Not only open, wide open, with wallet in plain site but wallet minus my cash card!

Now I don’t panic often. And I wasn’t quite panicking yet as I often take my card out and forget to put it back, but of course I needed to find it before I could have peace of mind, which I did…eventually…after much searching… and more lateness making.

(I’ll talk about running in a minute)

Realising I was already pushing it for time I had to now make a decision between breakfast and shaving.

For perhaps the first time ever, I chose tidiness over food and opted to use my cordless hair trimmer to do the job because it is ‘quicker’. Ha!

It’s not quicker if you shave off half your beard and it runs out of batteries, and I’m not talking half and in ‘some’ or ‘a bit’, but literally half as in, comedy style, down-the-middle half.

20130611-230253.jpg(that’s not me by the way)

(I’ll get onto the running bit soon, yeah)

So… The upshot is I had to go and wet-shave the other half of my face (and still missed a strip down the side, as was to be pointed out to me later, during my morning meeting) and zoom off to work with no breakfast.
That was yesterday.
Late (only slightly in the end) to work.

Today, I was about 2 hours late leaving from work… And it was raining and I had no coat. Or umbrella.

(running bit coming up now…)

So I ran. Approx 200m, with jeans on, in the rain, and carrying a bag, but I was wearing trainers… So it counts!

11 days of consecutive exercise…Done!

[As a warm-down I went swimming this evening – repeating 100m reps with 30 seconds recovery, over a period 25 mins, which was then followed by 25 mins constant freestyle.]

  1. Shaz says:

    Poor you what a day, hope tomorrow is better.

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