Tri training with children (18Jun’13)

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Juneathon, running, Triathlon
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Today’s topic is “Training With Children”, which can be traumatic. Whether your cherubs are tiny or toddlers, choosing the tip-top time to train can be a terrible chore, but is a task that must be totally talked through with your cherished one, if tears, tantrums and potentially even testicle twisting are activities you’d rather were terminated.

When I just had one child and they were small, I went on loads of long pushchair walks, especially around those parks with ‘trim-trails’ (fixed exercise apparatus, dotted around a marked track to be used for press-ups, chin-ups, hurdling, climbing, etc). I could put them on the bike and go for lovely long bike rides and not worry about needing to be back to collect anyone from school.

I can remember even with child 2, going for a pushchair run at 3am for about 2 hours because I figured if I was to be awake anyway, I might as well!

Now however, the little one is far too independent to use a pushchair but not really strong enough to walk great distances. I can put her onto a ‘baby’ bike seat but then I cannot use the tag-along bike attachment for the older child who is not yet confident enough to ride his bike on the roads. Oh there’s a way round most of these things and I do find them.

This evening, for example was simple.

Solution 1: Put children to bed and then go out


I very nearly just went to bed myself but I forced myself to go swimming instead. I forced myself to cycle there too so I’d have to cycle back. And then just because I was in the mood, I went for a run upon my return.

2k Swim; 10k bike ride; 2k run

And because I am slightly paranoid about copyright and crediting sources appropriately…


… So thank you Mark Anderson. I’m sure it’s a very lovely and informative book.

  1. labcswmn says:

    Good luck with the scheduling. It isn’t easy and you are awesome for persisting.

  2. Shaz says:

    Tri-ing time! But well done.

  3. RubySneakers says:

    Terrific Tri training, and top tip!

    Toodles. 🙂

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