Brain gym (19Jun’13)

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Juneathon
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This evening I went for a gym induction. (Not because I was thinking of joining, but because it gives me a week’s free use, including swimming, which I was going to pay to do anyway)

“This is great!” I thought, “today’s Juneathon blog will pretty much write itself!” …











….ok… apparently not. I’ll try and do it instead.

As I mentioned above, I have no intention of joining a gym, but as I had cycled there this evening, I thought that, following the line of ‘doing something different’, I might as well see what was on offer this evening. I declined a session of yoga (although in hindsight, that would have made for interesting writing), and went for a play on the gym equipment…

First up was essentially a computer game, where you cycle and steer and change gear and basically pedal your way around a virtual mountain bike course.
(Apologies for the blurry photo)


Then, as if I hadn’t had enough of cycling, I moved on to a more conventional static bike so that I could tweet the image taken on the first one.
But this one had it’s own little extras…


I used to, in a world before children, print off a couple of copies of a sudoku puzzle and race my wife to its completion over a morning cup of coffee… but that was a few years ago and I’m a bit out of practise. It took me over 40 minutes and I guess it did it’s job of distracting me… But to be honest, I think I prefer cycling outside – enjoying the ride itself, not being distracted from it.

Still, it was different. And I quite enjoyed the 40 minutes worth of puzzle…


Ah, yes, one more thing… I haven’t even had the hard sell yet (I’m expecting that after my free week) but even leaving the gym completely out of the equation, I think I may be eligible for corporate membership which would work out cheaper for swimming 2x/week than my current ‘pay as you go’ style of doing things at the moment…

…So I may yet become a gym bunny.

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  3. RubySneakers says:

    Great idea! I do enjoy being outside more too, but this would certainly help pass the time at the gym.

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