Healthy* day (22Jun’13)

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Juneathon, not running
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Trying to exercise and blog every day in June is a bit like running a Marathon.

I start off on pace. Maybe going out a bit too fast. Then gradually slow and try to make an effort to catch up… and then stagger over the line.

My blog on day one was written and published before some people had got out of bed, I reckon.

Then it got later in the day.

Sometimes just before midnight.

Then… errr… after midnight… and into the next day. But, in my defence, still within 24 hours.

So this post, posted today (Sunday) is about yesterday (that is correct, yes, Saturday) in which I got up early and spent a good 20 minutes doing skipping, press-ups, sit-ups, weights, all before breakfast. I then took my lad to tennis coaching and had forgotten about the fact that it was ‘open day’ at the club so we stayed there for a decent three hours. Added to that, a lovely long family geocaching walk in the afternoon, and that made Saturday a nice healthy day*.

Not much running happening here. Living up to my name… but I do have a marathon in a couple of months! :-S
Concerted effort before the end of June needed methinks.

*apart from the fish & chips when we got home.

  1. Shaz says:

    You can’t be expected to be too healthy in one day that’s just not healthy

  2. plustenner says:

    which marathon?

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