Grayvi Dad – Juneathon/Marathon (28Jun’13)

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Juneathon, Marathon, running
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Friday night I’m going nowhere
Running tights have not been washed – I’m feeling dead
Turning over TV stations
Procrastination means I’m running (to my bed)
Well looking back through June
You know it’s clear that I’ve been a goon
I’ve been a fool
To ever open up my heart
To all that blogging, that exercise, that muscle pull

Saturday I’m running wild
Into running tights I’m changing (they’ll be nice and clean)
Moving – tempo run – I’m pushing
Endorphins all rushing through my bloodstream
Only wish that I were lighter
And my midriff that much tighter
I have delayed
To take control of what I’ve eaten
Admit to some of those big cakes I’ve made

If I want it
Get out and get it
Crying out loud
Love what I do
Put on those shoes
Don’t ever doubt
Let’s work that heart
Let’s leave that bed
And feel it now

Juneathon, Juneathon

Someday on the streets of London*
Pounding pavements, many pairs of running shoes
I’m kicking on through summer training
And wandering – who knows where I am running to
Turning back for home
Although I am alone
I must believe
That very soon I will be there
Struggling to walk down stairs
Medal hung round me

If you want it
Go and get it
Crying out loud
The runs that you do
Are strengthening you
Never have doubt
And feel it now
Let’s work that heart
Let’s use that head
And feel it now
Let’s make that start
Get out of bed
And feel it now
Don’t eat that tart
Have fruit instead
And feel it now

Use your heart
Use your head
And feel it now

Marathon, Marathon, Marathon

(Credit to David Gray  for the original –  ‘Babylon’)



*actually Nottingham marathon in September, but it had too many syllables and didn’t have the same resonance as London.

  1. Actual activity today consisted of 65 press-ups in 1 min (whoop whoop) and a 3 hour long rainy, muddy walk with a two year-old on my back for half of that (oooph).

  2. RubySneakers says:

    Bravo! *standing ovation*

    The video wouldn’t play for me (stupid country rules) but I found another version and um…sang along. Great stuff. 🙂

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