Julyathon? (mmm…maybe not)

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Marathon, running
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I enjoyed June and the process this year of daily exercise and blogging as part of Juneathon… BUT…

…since it finished, I have felt a sense of freedom.

I have enjoyed more runs than usual as a result and (at last) it seems that some weight is beginning to go too.

Maybe, like running, blogging requires a recovery period.
That’s not to say that this post will be the equivalent of a ‘comeback PB’ (or ‘PR’ if you’re that way inclined) but more of an ‘I’m still here and do occasionally blog when it’s not January or June’ sort of thing.

If I was still blogging every day, there has been plenty I could have written:

1) My boy won his first tennis tournament (albeit just a local town one, but he got a little trophy so it was Wimbledon to him).

2) I went to Wimbledon last Wednesday (men’s quarter-finals day) and saw Murray on centre court fight back from 2 sets down

3) I’ve now joined a gym (over a week ago) and have only been once since. Not a good thing… but bloggable.

4) Although triathlons have slipped off my radar at the moment. Tri-bars make excellent tennis racquet holders…


Seriously now, running-wise I do need to find myself some sort of proper training plan to follow for my marathon, twelve weeks away (at the end of September)… and more importantly, I need to actually follow it! Any suggestions welcome.

I have run…errr…two…three… FOUR marathons in the past – 2000, 2005, and two in 2010

I may never do better in terms of time, than that first marathon (4:15) …but I hope to never do worse than my second (5:30 !)
(The ones in 2010 were 4:32 and 4:45).

The biggest difference in the build up to each, as I can remember, was that I never actually believed I could do it the first time…

… After that, as much as I tried not to pay attention to it, there was always a little voice inside my head that said, “it’s ok..you’ve done this before, go to bed / eat that doughnut / have a lie-in /etc.”.

So, yeah. A training plan… Maybe one that involves running this time… rather than the one I dreamed up in 2005 which had a heavy ‘mental-rehearsal’ bias.

  1. Athena says:

    I’ll write if you do. I have a half in October and I want to pr. And I have a gym membership that I’m wishing I made better use of.

  2. Shaz says:

    Congrats to nmoss on winning his tournament.

  3. abradypus says:

    Definitely one which involves running – we’re expecting 4:14 at the very most!

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