Good Idea? (Robin Hood 7 of 12)

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Marathon, running
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Well it’s five o’clock on a Saturday morning. I’ve just been woken by my smallest child because not only has Teddy fallen out of bed, but Giraffe apparently sacrificed himself in an attempt to save her. This required immediate attention to rectify the situation and return all stuffed animal representations to the arms of their concerned owner before attempts at sleep could be resumed.


Dreams of being eaten by a shark while open water swimming have not helped me sleep, however… so here I am once again with a marathon training update (/countdown to disaster).

Last Monday, while at work, I had a ‘good idea’. This ‘good idea’ was to run into work one day. It would involve waking up early…and running (obviously)…but would allow for minimal disruption to others as they would remain in dreamland (hopefully without the company of sharks).
“Well there’s no time like the present!” I thought. Although, the fact that I was already at work, was somewhat limiting with regard to the execution of the plan. I therefore, on the spot, decided to run the 12/13 miles to work the next day, and in a rare moment of forethought, removed my current underwear and socks and deposited them in my locker*. I figured that this would be slightly preferable, upon my subsequent arrival at work, to the sweaty ones I would have been running in*.

I then travelled home by car, as usual but commando, as not usual* , went to tennis, ate, slept, etc. and rose the next day to a sunrise and the challenge of a half-marathon to work.

*(oh yes, this is such a classy blog!)


There is nothing quite like the threat of dismissal and colleague ridicule to help maintain a steady running pace and ensure timely arrival at work. I could have done without my usual pre-run faffing before leaving the house however, because delayed departure also meant increased stress on the run, when I realised that any injury or further delay would result in tardiness.

Two hours (and 12.2 miles) later, I arrived – with time for a shower – and felt fine for the working day, which passed without incident… until I thought about getting home.


I was a little concerned that if I did run home too, I’d not be able, psychologically, to ‘only’ have done 24.4 miles that day, and would have to force another 1.8 miles out to make it up to marathon distance (albeit a broken one).

I needn’t have worried. I only managed 7 mile before being collected en route home by my lovely wife… and I was not at all tempted to make it up to marathon distance.

A marathon is going to be hard. Proper hard. I think I may have forgotten just how proper hard running a marathon is.

DOMS set in for a couple of days and speed work has been sacrificed this past week. I would REALLY like to carry less unnecessary weight around a marathon route with me…and that side of things is not going brilliantly, I have to say.

Later this morning, I will be deliberately carrying excess weight, however as NotMuchOfaSitStiller and I will be doing a parkrun while I carry a nearly three year old – NotMuchOfaSleeper around on my shoulders with me.

Should be fun, right? :-/

Another good idea.

  1. Shaz says:

    Good luck with the parkrun an well done to junior for giving it another go.
    Amazing effort with the running to work this week, great idea, almost

  2. Run to work!? Good job!

  3. TartanJogger says:

    Oh my- that’s the kind of ‘not very well planned out’ ideas I have- I can sympathise!

  4. fortnightflo says:

    hahahaha – I can’t decide which bit is funnier – that you decided to leave your underwear at work (rather than taking a clean set with you!) or that you didn’t plan how to get home… Definitely an impulsive personality I would say!

    • Well obviously if I’d known that was going to be my plan, I’d have taken an extra pair… But having decided to do it, I’d have had to wait until the following week to plan to that extent… and at least this way, I got to run. 🙂

  5. abradypus says:

    Did you (a) carry in your work clothes, (b) wear your lycras all day, (c) change into spare clothes you keep at the office or (d) walk round in just your underwear? My mind is boggling.

    Great run though. Keep it up.

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