Extreme Tapir (Robin Hood 10 of 12)

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Had fun doing this one, Marathon, not running, running
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I saw this quote the other day…

I added the picture of the knife, by the way. I don’t know how sharp it is, but it looks pretty sharp.

To follow that up, as I’m playing around with adding text to pictures in an ‘inspirational quote with an inspirational background picture’ kind of way, I give you…


There is now a little over two weeks until the Ikano Robin Hood Marathon (Nottingham Marathon) and due to my inability to correctly ‘sharpen the knife’ my training diary looks like this…

My longest training run has been 16 miles, performed very slowly and with a recovery time of… Oooooo… Only three weeks… so far.
I eventually got a physio friend to look at my left foot/ankle and received confirmation that in addition to the anterior tibialis tenosynovitis, I do indeed also have mild plantar fasciitis.
Yes folks, that was the answer to this from last week…

20130911-223815.jpg(planter fascist eye-test)

So…To cut a long story short….I’m getting old and I’m falling apart.
I have been doing right by resting it up to now, but I have a few exercises and have been advised to try some orthotics to help further.
There is still a chance I’ll be able to take some sort of part in the marathon on the 29th Sept but to what extent is still very much in the balance. A run/walk strategy is the best I can hope for.

A taper is usually entered into approximately two weeks from a big race/run to allow full rest/recovery after having steadily built up the miles and time spent running over the preceding months.

It is not usually entered into a full five weeks out from the big run, when miles should still be being steadily increased.


NOT to be confused with an extreme tapir (cue more playing about with photos), because that would look like this…


Or this…


Or this…


Or (…and this is my personal favourite…) this…


Blog posts between now and marathon day can only go downhill now.

  1. shazruns says:

    Love it! Obviously the little ones are sleeping and sitting still much too much to allow you time to do this.

  2. plustenner says:

    Brilliant!! love the pictures.. you will be fine come race day x

  3. Extreme tapir indeed…
    PF is a bugger of an injury. I have had it twice and while I have fully recovered from both episodes, I’m still hyper sensitive anytime I get some foot pain or niggling around my heel. I still ice roll my feet and I do daily stretches just to make sure. Here’s some more info if you’re interested:

    I hope you’re right to go for race day! All the best for a speedy recovery!

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