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Posted: January 2, 2014 in Janathon, Marathon, running
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I didn’t mention it yesterday, but another top tip when increasing activity levels in January, is to ensure sufficient clothing supplies.

There’s not a lot worse* than having to retrieve a wet, stale sweat-covered shirt from the washing basket before you’ve even had the chance to cover it in fresh sweat.

(*there are, of course, a million and one things worse than this…dropping your best mug in the floor, forgetting your wife’s birthday or breaking your shoulder are just a few I can immediately think of.)

My best running gear comes from charity shops.
I’m a bit too cheap to pay full (which usually means artificially inflated) price for a sports top and there are some absolute bargains to be had. I think recycling and things is very important too of course.

Despite my charity shop purchases, I still had a bit of a new year sort-out of running gear



…regular stumblers across my blog will remember I ran a marathon at the end of September (with a broken shoulder at the time, although I didn’t know at that point – just thought I’d mention it in case you didn’t know) …and I ran that marathon in a shirt I have not seen since…

…I have now found the shirt (and the socks and the cap!) in an old rucksack under the stairs.

I am actually fairly sure that they could run a marathon on their own without any help from me.

And I can confirm that three months is plenty long enough for my sweat to corrode the safety pins used to hold my number to the shirt.
And easily long enough for my hat to develop its own ecosystem…
Small traces of blood can also be identified at the site of insufficient nipple lubrication (that sentence might find me a couple of extra blog views courtesy of Google Search) which will not help its case when it comes to washing the thing.
Here is a picture of it from that day 3 months ago…
(The ‘adding insole to injury’ line is one I may have used before…. but I believe recycling is very important)

I will let you know tomorrow how my washing machine coped. Stay tuned folks.

A brief recap on yesterday’s parkrun –

Despite Christmas/new year excesses, a long, wet cycle ride to the venue, a twisted ankle half way round, and a ridiculous amount of mud, I somehow managed a 25 minute 5k … I really can’t work these things out sometimes.

Today I shall be playing football with my son in the park and we might go for a bike ride to get some geocaches too.

I know I went for a bike ride yesterday as well.. but… (all together now)… I believe re-cycling is very important.

  1. abradypus says:


    Yay! on your speedy parkrun.
    Boo! re your shoulder (have you injured it, I hadn’t realised)
    Eeeuuuwww! re the ecosystem (with a side of relief that it’s not just me)

  2. haha lovely stuff, and a great post! 😀

  3. Oh my. You’ve just made me feel a bit queasy. I’m OK with sweat-mould (I think we’ve all been there…) but blood-stained running tops are a different matter.

  4. Sharon says:

    Ewwww. Owwww. Yay.

  5. Mo says:

    Lol, I’ve never seen such knackered safety pins before! But this did make me laugh, thank you 🙂 And well done on the speedy 5k.

  6. plustenner says:

    Ditto all the above 🙂

  7. fitflo says:

    Eeeewwwwww you disgusting boy!

  8. Good Luck with the geocaching. I’ve never been successful at it yet!

  9. winsometahn says:

    I always find that after a few minutes of wearing the damp, sweaty running gear I stop smelling it…this may not be the same for the people who run next to me!

  10. jensruns2011 says:

    Great time for your parkrun 🙂

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