Janathon Plank

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Janathon, not running
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For anyone doing the Janathon challenge, you may or may not be aware that we have been set a challenge…


…and to add clarity, following questions from a number of different people…


…and then further clarity… courtesy of one tweeter… to remove all doubt…


So I did it.


In the buff – as instructed.

I only managed to hold the plank for about 30 seconds because it was cold, and obviously a bit embarrassing.

But it’s done now. So here you are…





…I’m just building a bit of suspense…





…is it working?




I’ll just get on with it then.

Here you go.


(I’m guessing some of you were expecting that)

  1. JogBlog says:

    Yes, totally expected, but still funny!

  2. […] popped up on the Janathon Facebook Page and Not Much Of A Runner was brave and posted a photo of his plank in the buff. We want more though, so keep them […]

  3. You really are a plank!!!*

    * no offence intended

  4. I never thought you wood do that. Are you hoping to start some kind of Janathon splinter group? *groan*

  5. plustenner says:

    that is so funny! I think we should give your plank a name – Buffy the planker?

  6. fitflo says:

    wow I didn’t expect your abs to be so hard – and your stomach is flat as a board. Amazing!

  7. that is brilliant! Nice work- maybe I’ll even try that plank later!!

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