One of those nights.

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Janathon, running
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Tonight is one of those nights.

You know the ones….

You have work the next day. You’re tired but you don’t want to go to bed because if you do, you know the next time you open your eyes out will be Monday. You don’t want to sound negative about work because actually you quite enjoy it but somehow you still get that Sunday night feeling perhaps because you’ve just enjoyed some great times over the holidays. Perhaps because your youngest child is about to start nursery education tomorrow and you are all too aware of how quickly time accelerates. You have a tenancy to use “you” instead of “I” to make things easier to write about and then you decide to go for a run just because you can. And you enjoy it more than you thought you would. And you stop at 0.99 miles just to prove to yourself that you CAN cope with things not being all perfect…

…but then find out when you upload it that Nike+ is a compulsive rounder-upper (CRU) [thanks abradypus for putting me onto this terminology]

…and you think that some things are pretty perfect. Even the imperfect things. And then you think you are sounding pretentious.

So you stop.

  1. abradypus says:

    I once had running free round down to .99 a run which garmin/runmeter/runkeeper had assured me was .00
    Nike is obviously kinder to CRUs 🙂

  2. plustenner says:


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