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Posted: January 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ok. This could be interesting… (it won’t actually be interesting), but I am writing my blog post for once on an actual computer instead of on my phone.

This can be both good and bad.


Good – because I can actually type a lot quicker on a proper keyboard and my thoughts can make it pretty quickly from my brain onto the screen.


Bad –  because I can actually type a lot quicker on a proper keyboard and my thoughts can make it pretty quickly from my brain onto the screen.

         I have nothing particularly to write.


It look like ‘bad‘ is winning out.


It could have been an interesting post. I had intended to wake up very early and go for a bike ride out to get a geocache (you can look it up if you don’t know) that had appeared overnight a few miles away. But a bad night meant I didn’t… and I ended up finding it on a drive-by later on and that’s not really with the spirit of Janathon.

Exercise-wise, I have been swimming twice today.  The first time was most fun – with my little girl, and generally involved having water tipped on my head and saving her from drowning when she throws herself at me from the edge of the pool. The second time was because the first time reminded me that I haven’t been swimming properly for a while. It was less fun.

I swam for 45 minutes and covered about a mile.

I say, ‘about’ because swimming somehow completely destroys a human’s capacity to solve the mathematical problem of one number ‘plus one more’.

That’s the annoying thing about swimming for me. I seem to be incapable of thinking about anything other than breathe this side, breathe that side, breathe this side, etc. 

It’s not always boring. But today, it was really pretty boring. I like swimming outside. I need to do more of that. Or they should add piranhas to the pool – that would spice things up a bit. Even goldfish to be honest. Or some coral.  

To prevent the possibility of verbal diarrhoea here, I shall close now with the ‘exciting’ news that tomorrow, I shall be giving away some sporting equipment.

Come back tomorrow… it might be better tomorrow*



*(And I’ll try not to accidently ‘publish’ my blog before I’ve finished writing. Oops. Sorry if you saw my pre-edited version.)



  1. You’d get a P.B. every time if you had the piranhas.

  2. One of the ways you can tell I did that in my computer is that it is still called ‘new post’. That wasn’t my choice. But I really can’t be bothered to change it.

  3. abradypus says:

    Yes! I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve lost count of the number of lengths. 16. Or was it 16 last time? I remember saying 16, but was that “I’ve done 16” or was it “This is length 16 just starting”? Well I’ll call this length 16 just to be sure. [One length later] 16. Or was it … Repeat until end.

    • That’s it! Exactly. And then later, I remember being confused about the number if lengths I did, but couldn’t remember if I’d done one extra ‘just in case’ or not at the time so end up doing one more again… At the end…just in case…again…for another time.

      I probably swam two miles!

  4. fortnightflo says:

    Haha so true – I’m Sthe same as louise – is it 16 because I just started or finished…So annoying.

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