At your leasure, Decathlon

Posted: January 23, 2014 in cycling, Janathon, Reviews
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Oh Decathlon… I like you, I do. But…

…A while ago I brought your attention (via twitter) to a photo that I saw on one of your products at my local Nottinghamshire store and to your credit, you responded quickly, admitting that the sign needed some attention…
I had only noticed the interesting spelling of LEISURE and read no further but others have since pointed out further issues with “Designed for improve cyclist seating comfort…”
“Provides maximum comfort to you bike”

I allowed myself a little chuckle, and as I mentioned earlier, was quite impressed that you had responded so quickly to my twitter comment and I went about my day, giving it little further thought.

Well… time has passed and it would seem the sign has been breeding (or more likely I just missed them the first time around)…






Shall I go on?


I even began to question myself…

Was this some sort of branding?…

It would appear not. It would appear it’s just to describe the type of bike/user the product is suitable for… as in the following cases…

Cycle ‘Sport’ saddles.
‘Road’ pedals. Fair enough.

Ah… maybe it’s just some American spelling or something…mmm? …


I just googled it. They spell it the same as us Brits (they just say it funny).

But there is hope…I just noticed at the bottom of the 4th picture on this post… Right down the bottom.. Look…here it is again…

See! At the very bottom. Someone knows how to spell it. Give them a raise. No. Don’t… that sends the wrong message… just… tell them they’ve done their job of correctly spelling one of the key words in your line of business.

As have the people responsible for these items…


I know this may appear very petty to some, but you know there are other people* who would refuse to shop at a supermarket displaying a ‘Ten items or less’ sign and who will actively seek out one with the grammatically correct, ‘Ten items or fewer’ sign instead.
I could be saving you money by bringing this to your attention.
Goodness knows how much business you’ve lost already!

*Incidentally, I am not one of them. Even today, I purchased some shin pads for my son (I still had just about enough time after I’d taken all those photos).

Anyway, surely you have people paid to look out for this kind of thing.
If not, pay me (or maybe someone even more qualified).

You are in the leisure retail business.
I am in leasure tell-tale business now.

I’ll be watching.

  1. Shaz says:

    Oh I know more than most that you are more than qualified and experienced for this role. Willing to write a reference as long as you spell check first of course!

  2. rundontrun says:

    And the name of the store is asking for a challenge under the Trade Description Act as well: “Decathlon” – they stock clothes and equipment for at least 11 sports

  3. plustenner says:

    Did they reply that it was a pleisure?

  4. runtezza says:

    Are you sure it isn’t a mis-spelling of ‘leather’?

  5. […] Now, to the point…eventually. Some time ago I wrote a post about the store , Decathlon and many, many signs in their cycling range referring to ‘leasure’ biking. (You can read that post HERE) […]

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