Batak Snowman

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Janathon, not running
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It gets harder to be creative with blog-posts as the month draws on, and harder still to exercise if you are are under the weather too. This is why today, I punched a snowman.

(I could have included carrying an ikea desk out of the car, up the stairs and into my son’s bedroom as today’s Janathon exercise, but punching a snowman sounds a little more interesting.)

Have you heard of Batak? You probably have without realising it. It’s the sort of thing you might get on some Saturday evening TV game show or at a leisure/fitness testing convention and basically involves putting out lights (by hitting them) on a specially created board, causing new lights to appear. The object being to do as many as possible within a fixed time frame.

20140126-225224.jpg As you can see, if you do it appropriately quickly, it also turns you into Neo from ‘The Matrix’ and comes in handy if you need to dodge any bullets.

I am well aware it is nearly the end of January and that Christmas decorations should have been well and truly put away by now, but we have one item at home that has remained. It is this giant, paper/glue-covered willow creation of a snowman (with internal lights and flashing orange nose)…
We created it as a family during an art workshop before our local Christmas lights switch on last month. We only just got it through the door of the house but it is certainly not making it into the loft with the rest of our festive pieces.

I then set myself the task of punching through each paper/glue panel of the snowman as quickly as possible, Batak-style, in preparation for moving him to his new home, the garden, for the next eleven months… at which point we may or may not re-cover him and place him in our window again.

It wore me out nearly as much as the desk-carrying.

Oh, and I didn’t get round to taking him out to the garden so now I have a rather scary-looking, tatty, beat-up snowman in my bedroom.

  1. abradypus says:

    If that doesn’t give you nightmares then you are made of truly stern stuff.

  2. out-of-the-running says:

    You say it gets harder to be creative but I looked up “batik” on the internet and one site describes it as being “both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium.” So I am well impressed with your batik snowman. What a wonderful activity to do with the family on dark winter evenings! Though why you should want to beat it up is beyond me. It’s the generation gap, I suppose.

  3. dadoorunrun says:

    What a fascinating and varied life you have. My teddy would love it round your house.

  4. Poor Snowman! I am absolutely amazed how many people still have their Christmas lights up. Think we counted 4 or 5 homes tonight!

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